What is lyrical hip hop

Hip-hop and rap facts and figures

Published by Matthias Kemmerich on January 5, 2021
Hip-hop (alternatively hip-hop or hip-hop) has its roots in the Afro-American neighborhoods of the USA and is one of the most popular styles of music today. Musically, the genre emerged from funk and soul and has integrated elements of rhythmic spoken song (rap) as well as DJ techniques such as sampling and scratching. Hip-Hop also describes a whole subculture that includes graffiti and breakdancing. The year 1970 is considered to be the year hip-hop was founded and New York is its birthplace. Poverty, violence and the ubiquitous gangs in times of social and economic decline in American city centers have shaped hip-hop from the very beginning. In Harlem and the South Bronx, for example, teenagers began to experiment with new forms of music and dance.

Kool DJ Herc developed the prototype of hip hop in the Bronx. In 1973 he no longer played songs as a whole, but repeated certain parts of the beat (so-called breakbeats). Political and socially critical issues became characteristic of the content of the rap texts. In the 80s the genre developed further and gangsta rap with its more complex beats became style-defining. The relevant artists from the early days of hip-hop included Run-D.M.C and LL Cool J, who released on the Def Jam record label. In the period from 1989 to 2015 Def Jam was the most successful hip-hop label in the USA, while the large number of record stores