What are some sad farewell songs

When darkness envelops the soul, it can sometimes, but only sometimes, give off warmth like a soft coat. In a strange way, there is something comforting slumbering in indulging in mild grief, as if one were an unhappily in love teenager again. In such moments, sad, melancholy music embalms the soul in a special way. Simon and Garfunkel put this feeling perfectly into words in the first line of their folk classic "Sound of Silence": "Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again".

The melancholy pieces were as comforting as the presence of a friend

In a sad mood, it feels especially good to listen to sad music. Psychologists working with Sunkyung Yoon from the University of South California have just observed this effect in a sample, as they did in the specialist journal emotion to report. The researchers compared 38 female students who were diagnosed with depression with just as many who were spared this mental suffering.

The participants heard pieces of music with different emotional tones and were then asked to decide which melodies they would like to hear again. The desire to hear sad pieces again was much more pronounced among the depressed participants.

The psychologists rely on a fairly manageable sample, but the study is interesting for two reasons. On the one hand, the researchers working with Sunkyung Yoon are replicating the results of a study from 2015. At that time, psychologists working with Yael Millgram reported in the specialist journal Psychological Science also reported that people with clinical depression prefer sad music.

But Millgram's scientists did not ask their test subjects why they preferred to listen to melancholy pieces. And so the researchers concluded four years ago that depressed people prefer sad music because it sustains their emotional low. The conclusion was accordingly: Depressed people often act and decide in such a way that they maintain or even intensify their depression.

But the new study contradicts this. In it, the test subjects stated that sad songs can instead improve their mood and that they find peace and relaxation in them - according to the motto: "Hello darkness my old friend."

Scientists at the Irish University of Limerick discovered similar evidence a few years ago: Acutely depressed people also preferred sad music here. And they said, among other things, that these sounds had a similar effect on them as the presence of a friend. So sometimes you can literally bathe in sad music, so that the soul is a little refreshed afterwards.