What buds what are some examples

It's budding ... in November?

At first glance I see different things at the moment: dirty weather, it's wet, cold and stormy, I see rain-soaked leaves and gray skies, in the morning it hardly gets light and in the evening it gets dark again much too early.

It is budding, it says in a poem by Hilde Domin:
It buds under the leaves
that's what they call autumn.

Indeed: it is budding! Not noticeable at first glance, but I can see it on a walk. If I get very close to a tree and look closely, I find small green tips, often hidden under leaves and barely pronounced, but they are there. It is budding! The dark autumn does not remain without promise for the next spring.

It's budding ... in our church?
Here, too, it looks autumnal at first glance: Only 10% of the parishioners consider regular attendance of church services to be important and the vast majority do not take part in parish life. Savings have to be made in every nook and cranny, the federal states are canceling necessary subsidies, entire work areas have to be closed.

And yet: it is budding! Even in the church it is often barely noticeable at first glance. But this result can also be found in the new EKD membership study: “There are even some signs of slightly increased commitment.” I see such signs in various areas of volunteering.
There is a project in Düsseldorf with the beautiful title “Culture on Wheels”. In this project, volunteers “pack” a suitcase on a specific topic, such as “Fashion through the Ages” or “Opera on Wheels”. With their suitcases, they bring culture right into the house, analogous to “meals on wheels”.
Another area is hospice work. There are now 40,000 people doing voluntary work in terminal care. A 34-year-old policewoman, for example, wants to help people for whom there is never time on duty, namely the grieving relatives. Two examples of many that can be found in our church.

It is budding under the leaves!
Our church does not remain without promise either.

Vice President Petra Bosse-Huber

Where do you see buds in our church? Send us your opinion!




Vice President Petra Bosse-Huber / November 5th, 2003

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