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Creator of the Universe

God (formerly) almighty (no longer) man (disempowered by Jack)


The darkness Amara / twin sister

AngelCastielLuciferMichaelGabrielRaphaelJack Kline / Nephew


„ "It's big, bigger than life, a bit sexist but fair. Always fair."“

God, also known as The creator, The gentleman, The big guy, Big daddy, Big guys and The boss (so called by the angels) is a primeval being and the creator of the universe and all life. In addition to death and its sister of darkness, he is considered to be the most powerful being in the universe.

In relation to the Winchesters and other people, he used the name "Chuck Shurley" as a disguise and worked as a writer. Thus, among other things, he wrote the Winchester Gospel (also as Supernatural known) under the pseudonym "Carver Edlund".


Early history

Before creation and the existence of life, only God and his older sister Amara, also known as Darkness, existed. To show her that more can exist than just the two, God created several worlds. But the darkness was constantly in the process of destroying them again. For this reason he once created the four archangels Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel, with whose help he was able to fight Amara. But he did not manage to destroy the darkness. The only successful way was to lock her up with the help of a time where she could no longer cause harm and God could thus begin his creation, far from Amara's destructive power.

First, God created the first beasts, the Leviathans. But he was concerned about their destructive power and their great hunger, as they could be very dangerous to his further creation. Because of this, he created purgatory and locked her there.

Then he created heaven and the angels. Among them were the Grigori, Seraphim, Cherubim, Grim Reaper and the Rit Zien. After all, God created the earth.

Long after the first amphibians came out of the oceans and began to populate the coasts, God created man. In addition, he created the Garden of Eden where his creation (Adam and Lilith) should now live and sent the Grigori to earth to protect the people. After all, all angels should submit to God's dearest creation, man. But Lucifer, who had since been spoiled by the mark given by God, did not want to submit to the lower creatures in any way.

Through the Mark of Cains he saw that people were flawed and murderous, he wanted to convince God of that, but God did not listen to him. Over time, other angels joined Lucifer, who then began to rebel against God and even wage war. Michael and Lucifer fought in a cataclystic battle until Michael drove Lucifer and the other angels from Heaven.

The angel Gadreel was to guard the entrance to the garden and protect it from Lucifer, who was thrown out of heaven. But at some point Lucifer managed to get past Gadreel into the Garden of Eden and poison the ground with his malevolence. Out of anger at God and in revenge for his expulsion from heaven, Lucifer began to corrupt a human soul that would later become known as Lilith. He turned her into the first demon. God replaced Lilith with Eve. Thus, humans had the opportunity to continue to reproduce. The only rule was not to eat the forbidden fruit. Lucifer, who was still in the garden, corrupted the minds of the two people, whereupon they ate the forbidden fruit. Because of disobedience, God banished Adam and Eve from the garden. This then forced God to lock Gadreel away because he was unable to keep Lucifer away from the garden. He consequently created Hell and threw Lucifer, Lilith and all the rebelling angels into it.

After the fratricide of Cain and Abel, caused by Lucifer, God saw that Hell could not hold Lucifer and therefore created a cage in which he locked Lucifer. This was closed with more than 600 seals.

Over time, people got angry and started going to hell instead of heaven. In Hell, their souls were tortured to such an extent that their humanity was burned away and their souls became demons.

Knowing his mistake about Gadreel and the fall of mankind, God fled from heaven. But before he disappeared he had the angel Metatron write his word on tablets. These were then hidden on earth.

When God then left heaven, the archangel Michael took command of the angels and heaven. Some angels, like Uriel and his cohorts, like Lucifer once did, refused to place humans above angels. They remained loyal to him and tried to free him from his cage.

Both Uriel and Raphael lost faith in God over time. They were of the opinion that he was long dead, because that was the only explanation for the terrible things that had happened on earth over the past 100 years. However, most angels still believed that he existed.

After Lucifer was liberated, apart from Michael, only God and death were strong enough to defeat Lucifer. That's why Castiel made it his business to seek and find God. Castiel believed that it was God who resuscitated him and saved Sam and Dean from Lucifer. He also claimed that Dean's amulet was very powerful and would glow in the presence of God. That's why Dean Castiel loaned his amulet to help him find it.

While Sam and Dean were in heaven, they took the opportunity to visit the angel Joshua. It was claimed that he would speak to God. The angel confirmed this and also said that God dwells on earth and does not care about the apocalypse, since it is not his problem. Joshua also confirmed that it was God who resuscitated Castiel and saved the two brothers when Lucifer rose.

season 1

The faith healer

God is first in The faith healer mentioned when Dean is cured by Roy Le Grange. Dean and Sam believe God heals Dean. In reality, however, it is a Grim Reaper who was forced to do so by black magic. When Dean asks Roy why he just saved him, he replies that he saw in Dean a young man who still has a big job to do that is not finished yet.

season 2

House of the saints

In House of the saints people claim that an angel ordered them to kill certain people. Sam shows that he believes in God. When the alleged angel shows up, he ordered Sam to kill someone. Sam even wanted to do that. However, Dean says: "There is no higher power, there is no God. There is only chaos and violence and the unpredictable evil that appears out of nowhere and tears you into small pieces ..". When Dean was chasing a guy who got violent on his girlfriend, he was stabbed in an unusual way by an iron bar while on a chase. Dean even said to Sam that it was possibly God's will.

Season 4

Lazarus rises

The angel Castiel reveals to Dean that he freed him from hell because "God" ordered it. But this cannot be true, because God left heaven a long time ago. It is more likely that heaven or high-ranking angels of heaven, like Michael, have ordered this to Castiel. When Dean asks Zachariah, the angel, where God is, he replies "God has left the building". However, Joshua later says that God saved Dean and Sam when Lucifer got up by teleporting them onto an airplane, but he also explains that God is on earth.

Season 5

My name is lucifer

Dean and Sam have to watch as Lucifer's cage opens and the devil slowly gets out. Just before Lucifer is resurrected, a great blinding light appeared. When the light slowly faded, the Winchesters were suddenly on a plane. From the window they saw how Lucifer rose in a huge explosion and destroyed the entire area. When the Winchesters find the angel Joshua, he explains to them that it was God who teleported them onto the plane.

Solar eclipse

While Dean and Sam are in heaven, they are looking for the angel Joshua, because God supposedly speaks to him. Joshua then confirms that God is on earth and tells the brothers that God does not care about the Apocalypse because God said it was not his problem. Joshua believes that God is talking to him right now because Joshua can empathize. Joshua also confirms that God resurrected Castiel and that he saved them from Lucifer when he was resurrected.

Season 6

A deep ocean full of secrets

The goddess of fate Atropos is of the opinion that God himself decides who, what and when dies.

Just a sign

Castiel asks God for a sign of what he should do to defeat Raphael and whether Castiel is on the right track. He waited for a sign, but nothing happened.

The man who knew too much

After performing the ritual of opening purgatory, Castiel absorbs all of the souls of purgatory. Now Castiel declares himself to be the new god of mankind.

Season 7

Gods wrath

Castiel proclaimed himself the new god and roamed the United States to help a true believer and to punish heretics and godly liars. The souls from purgatory began to grab his body, which is why Castiel renounces his power and sends the souls back.

Season 9


Metatron had godlike powers through the angel tablet. He was also able to put out holy fire and remove ban symbols.

Season 11

The void of darkness
After the outbreak of darkness and the supposedly hopeless situation, Sam prays directly to God for the first time and asks him to give him a sign of what more could be done. Then Sam apparently gets visions from back then when he was locked in the cage with Lucifer and Michael.

Don't call me a coward
Metatron was rummaging around and desperately looking for food in a dumpster when it suddenly landed in Chuck's bar. There he looked around and saw the author Carver Edlund aka Chuck Shurley. He sits down with him and Chuck handed Metatron his glasses. When he put it on, Chuck revealed his true self to Metatron and Metatron was speechless when he finally recognized God. Both talked about everything that had happened, but Chuck was relatively little interested in the chaos his sister was causing.

He was more anxious to write his autobiography. After a long conversation and a cloud of fog that was unleashed by Amara and has already killed half a small town and threatened Sam and Dean, God decided to come back into the game. Dean finds his former amulet in Sam's jacket pocket, which glows very strongly. Eventually they find the reason for the glow. It's Chuck, who is standing in the street and proposing that the two brothers talk.

The family of darkness
Chuck teleported with the Winchesters in the Men of the Scriptures bunker. Sam and Dean talk to him. Later Dean talks to him about Amara and what she's doing. Chuck teleports Sam, Lucifer and Donatello Redfield into the bunker to save them and Dean's baby, the Impala, from Amara. When Chuck and Lucifer meet, he heals Lucifer's wounds inflicted by Amara.

An unequal alliance
Chuck planned a strategy with the Winchesters to lock Amara away again. Demons and witches should weaken her first so that Chuck can then take the Cain's mark from her and transfer it to Sam. When they face each other, Amaras is accused and Chuck begins his project with a little delay. During the removal of the mark, Amara attacks Chuck and has threads of darkness pierce him in the air. It glows in a bright light and lands motionless on the floor. Amara explains that he is only dying to watch the destruction of his creation

The light of darkness
Chuck is brought into the bunker by Sam and Dean. He is dying, which is why Amaras only kills the balance between dark and light can maintain. Dean acts as a soul bomb and is teleported to Amara by God. After Amara realizes her mistakes, she brings Chuck to her and asks him to forgive her and be a family again. He forgives her and they leave the earth together. Before that he absorbs the souls in Dean.

Season 12

Mamma Mia
In Mamma Mia, Crowley tells Lucifer that God "went back to the Sabbath" and suggests that He recapture heaven in God's absence. Lucifer refuses to think about the idea.

An American nightmare
Gail Peterson asks the Winchesters if they know God. Dean tells her they do and that we are "besties". Gale, who is mentally disturbed, claims that after a car accident, God spoke to her and told her to live a simple life. Gale also believes that her daughter Magda is obsessed with Lucifer and that they are doing God's work by locking her up and torturing her.

Rock never dies
Lucifer accuses God of abandoning him again because he decided to disregard his creations and slaughter them.

Lucifer's brood
Kelly Kline, after being told that she is in the presence of a witch, an angel and the King of Hell, responds with "oh god" and causes Castiel to tell her, "no, he's gone".

The end is the beginning is the end
Sam tells Lucifer during their confrontation that the last time God stopped him was when he wanted to destroy the world and that he would do it again. Lucifer just mocked this, believing that God was gone and would not help defeat him.

Powers and abilities

God is considered omnipotent (earlier):

  • creation - As a very powerful being, God can create what he wants with limitless power. His creations include heaven, hell, purgatory, earth and people.
  • omniscience - God as an omnipotent being knows everything that has happened and will happen.
  • immortality As an omnipotent being, God cannot be influenced by anything, but it was also said that one day God will also die.
  • Teleportation - He teleported Sam and Dean onto a plane and into the bunker.
  • revival - He resurrected Castiel several times. He also brought the white-eyed demon / Lilith back out of the void so that she could find an equalizer for God and then let it melt. Season 15, episode 19, God has resuscitated Lucifer out of doubt so that the devil fetches God's death book for him, where it says what God's end looks like.
  • cure - He healed Sam from the influence of demon blood and an entire city from darkness.
  • manifestation - He can take a human form.
  • Power sharing - After the resurrection of Castiel, he granted him more power. Lucifer could even take his power away.
  • exile - God could banish and lock up the darkness with the help of the Cain's mark.
  • To fly - In his smoke form he can fly.
  • empathy
  • destruction In season 14, episode 20, God could easily destroy Jack by snapping his finger and burning out Jack's eyes like the angelic effect. He also destroyed Archangel Michael because he allied himself with then Winchester.
  • Absorb God absorbed Amara in himself and became a unit that created a balance between darkness and light
  • omnipotence(Before) God could do whatever he wanted, all he had to do was snap his finger
  • Change of reality God was able to undo Jack's influence that Jack put on the world to no longer be able to lie and any chaos that resulted was undone as if it had never happened. He emptied the entire earth, leaving only Jack, Sam and Dean behind.


Apart from the fact that God hardly does anything (of his own accord), limitations of his power can be recognized from the words of death:

  • death - Death claims that in the end it will also bring God. Which could mean that God's death is only part of the natural order. When Dean tied Death and ordered him to kill God, Death gave up on why he should do that. So it is possible that he does not want to kill God, either out of respect or in order not to disturb the natural order, but this is unconfirmed and unlikely.
  • The darkness - God could only lock up the darkness, but not destroy it. That probably means that the darkness must be too powerful to be destroyed.
  • The equalizer - It was claimed by God that he could kill everything with it. However, it is unknown whether the gun can kill God, as Sam only shot God in the shoulder. However, the weapon hurt and weakened God.
  • Jack Kline (Naphil) - God was afraid of Jack. According to Billie, one day he would become strong enough to kill God.

Well-known creations

God created the universe and almost everything that it contains. This includes:

  • archangel - The first and most powerful heavenly beings, whose power is enormous. The 4 archangels are Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel.
  • Cain's Mark - The castle of the prison of darkness, which became the first curse. It was worn by Lucifer, Cain, and Dean Winchester.
  • universe -God made it after locking his sister Amara away.
  • sky - God's divine domain for innocent and pure souls, as well as the home of angels.
  • Leviathans - The first and most destructive beasts.
  • purgatory - God's prison for the Leviathans and all deceased monsters.
  • Angel - All divine beings besides the archangels. They are made of grace, have no physical body, and are God's warriors.
  • People - God's most beloved creation. They were created after the Leviathans and angels.
  • Souls - When God created human beings, he gave them a spiritual essence, souls. This is considered indestructible and extremely powerful. It gives people their individual character.
  • hell - God's prison for Lucifer, demons and evil souls.
  • Lucifer's cage - God's prison for Lucifer after hell alone was not a safe prison for him.
  • Hellhounds
  • Chuck's bar



  • The angel Anna Milton claims that only 4 angels have ever seen God in person. Presumably this is a reference to the archangels. But it was found that Metatron and Gadreel saw him too. The angel Joshua can only talk to him.
  • Castiel died four times. He was resuscitated by God three times when he was killed by Raphael, Lucifer and the Leviathans. When the grim reaper April Kelly kills him, it was Gadreel who brought him back. It probably took God some time for Gadreel to act immediately.
  • God created many creations such as the angels, the humans and the leviathans. He is also indirectly responsible for other creations, because without him there would never have been Lucifer, who would not have fallen into hell and created the demons. Yet he did not seem to have created the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, because at least death existed long before the earth was created. Even the pagan gods did not come from God because, according to Lucifer, they ruled the earth before God came.
  • In Head thing the real reason God left heaven was revealed. He left because Gadreel could not protect the Garden of Eden and the people and they were corrupted by Lucifer. In Don't call me a coward God reveals that he disappeared because he was disappointed in all his creations.
  • Joshua mentioned that God will return to heaven. However, it is unknown when and if he will do it.
  • Neither God nor death can remember which of the two is older. However, Death claimed that he was at least as old as God, if not older. However, based on current knowledge, especially through Amara, this statement can be refuted. Death also announced that in the end he would also be the last to bring God.
  • God's name in Latin, Christ, is hated by demons.[1]
  • He has a penchant for unhealthy food.
  • He considers music and cheese aachos to be the greatest inventions of mankind.
  • He praised the student Marie for her play about the life of Sam and Dean.

God outside of Supernatural

God(depending on the context also goddess, deity) is a supernatural being or a higher power within various mythologies, religions and beliefs, as well as in metaphysics. In the doctrine and practice of many religions, God is given special reverence and special qualities; among other things, to be the first origin or creator or designer of all reality.