Why aren't you politically liberal?

Frequently asked questions

We have put together the most frequently asked questions about the Young Liberals for you here.

If you still cannot find the right answers here, just contact us directly.


The power of freedom

  1. JuLis - what is that anyway?

The JuLis - these are the young liberals. We are like you, politically
interested young people between the ages of 14 and 35 years. We are young
People who want to make a difference. And we are the only liberal
Youth organization in Germany. We currently have 11,000 members in
all of Germany, 4,500 of them in North Rhine-Westphalia alone.

And the trend is still increasing!


Established 1980

2. And how long has the JuLis existed?

We JuLis have only been around since 1980. Our co-founder was a
unknown prospective law student from Bonn, namely Guido Westerwelle.
Since 1982 we have been the only and official youth organization of the FDP.
Since then we have been working on helping young people all over Germany for the JuLis


Realize your ideas

3. Why are you doing politics?

We make politics because we want to make a difference. Can make a difference.
If politics is only made by old people, it will only be
still made for old people. Influence requires commitment.

We stand up for you, for exactly the issues that move young people.
We fight for our prosperity and our generation to have a future
Perspectives. We fight against ideology.

We demand sustainability: a policy that goes beyond the election date
thinks out. Assumes responsibility beyond a term of office. And
which leaves us, the youth, a foundation on which we can build.
Without us groaning under a huge burden of debt. Without us
chances are dramatically worse than the ones we're with
wrestling with international competition. And without our environment in front of them
Dogs is that we no longer like to live on this planet.

We know that if politics doesn't change anything, we just have to change politics.

Cosmopolitan, tolerant and responsible

4. What does that mean for you - liberal?

For us, liberal means: When in doubt, for freedom. And always open to the world
tolerant, self-reliant. We don't want anyone to be human
dictates how to live, what to believe, where to stay.
The state does not have to give citizens freedom - citizens give one
Part of their freedoms to the state.

The freedom of the individual finds its limits where it restricts the rights of the other disproportionately. Freedom without borders is anarchy, so freedom only for a few.
liberalism means freedom. Freedom means tolerance. We don't care who is how
dresses who lives where and how or who has what skin color. We forbid
nothing, just because we don't like something, just because we don't see it as right.

Freedom means Market economy. We stand for companies
Have leeway. For not being overregulated and pissed off by the state
become. And that it pays to be innovative. From the idea to the
Product, from product to your own company. This path must be worthwhile. Just
whoever has a job becomes freedom, becomes independence, becomes one
experience your own life.
All those with little money but lots of ideas, take the plunge into the
Dare to be self-employed, which will create jobs, we should support
do not squeeze.

Freedom means opportunities. And a society is only free if it is at the forefront of everyone
Start offers the same opportunities - not the same result at the destination. For
we fight these opportunities.

We fight for a contemporary, better one
Educational policy. More investments in education and digitization. More
Teachers instead of more mass classes. Multimedia lessons instead of stone age school.
Promotion of talent instead of leveling off. We stand for a school that everyone
promotes, but demands performance. And for an educational policy that encourages students
prepared a globalized world.

Motor of the FDP

5. How do you feel about the FDP?

We are the youth organization of the FDP. We stand by the FDP. No Germans
Party could be closer to us. No party is more likely to represent the interests of the
young generation. No party has such a young leadership team. And
no party takes its youth organization so seriously. Many positions of the FDP arose from concepts of the JuLis.

Many JuLis are also members of the FDP. In many community and
City councils, also in district assemblies nationwide, JuLis represent the FDP in
Committees and work successfully in the Liberal Group.
The fact that we want the FDP to help educate it does not mean that we have everything about it
like. Wherever we do politics, we represent the interests of the young
Generation in the FDP.

Lifestyle freedom

6. Where can you participate?

JuLis are everywhere in Germany. No matter whether in a big city like Düsseldorf or
in the country, everywhere a district association represents your interests. He's your first
Contact person directly on site.
Everyone can get involved with us JuLis! The various working groups that
Developing concepts for all political issues is open to all members.

New friends

7. What does it cost to become JuLi?

The district associations of the JuLis themselves decide on site whether and, if so, how much of the contributions they collect.

The membership fee of Julis Düsseldorf is staggered as follows:

Schoolchildren, students, trainees, the unemployed, conscripts and those doing community service pay 2 euros per month (24 euros per year)

Working people with a net monthly income of less than 1250 euros pay 3 euros per month (36 euros per year)

Working people with a net monthly income of over 1250 euros pay 5 euros per month (60 euros per year)


Free development

8. What can I expect if I get involved with you?

Much. Most of all, have fun. And the opportunity to tackle something yourself - as a team. You decide how strongly and, above all, where you get involved. You decide what to do and when. Maybe you are more of the organizational type: someone who tackles and organizes events and parties. Maybe you are the programmer: the one who discusses in-depth and develops clever concepts. Perhaps you are more the listener who is interested in politics and spontaneously decides whether to do something. Or maybe you are more of the promoter who approaches people and quickly convinces them.

And whatever else you are: Politics is diversity. The JuLis offer you everywhere the opportunity to do what you can do best and how you can do it best. Then you have and then we have most of it. We JuLis don't do things by halves. We do not do politics because we are looking for work in an unfamiliar way. But because we stand in life and want to shape it.


We tackle the future

9. Why should I come to you of all people?

Maybe because you think like us. And with us you have the chance to implement this thinking. Every year we grow - up to now to well over 200 members. We are getting bigger, but remain flexible, modern and adaptable. We don't make the world easier for ourselves than it is. We don't believe in friend and foe, in good and bad, in black and white. We don't want to be left or right - we are liberal. We are not guided by ideology, but by ideas.

We tackle the future. Impartial. Anyone who joins us will find no impermeable hierarchies, no models of rule. It is not accepted reluctantly and is actually half excluded. We don't take ourselves too seriously: we're only important when we change something.

Anyone who joins us will not be slowed down or viewed with suspicion. He doesn't have to be a studied political scientist. Or something else. No engagement is forbidden. That is why young liberals are active - and different.


10. Who can I turn to now?

The best way is to contact us on site: You can reach us at the e-mail address or. Post is also possible. We are the first point of contact for JuLis and interested parties from the Düsseldorf region.
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