What can I do on Pinterest

How does Pinterest work? 8 things you should know

Whether creative DIY instructions, tasty recipes or cool fashion photos: Pinterest provides you with the best inspiration for everyday life. We'll explain to you how the social network works using eight facts.

Pinterest is no longer just a simple tool in the broad universe of social networks. The multimedia platform helps generate traffic (more on that later), is popular with influencers and brands and is now used by around 200 million users per month. Are you just getting started on Pinterest? Perfect: There are some things that will help you to better understand the network and its features.

Your first steps on Pinterest

Before you can use the Pinterest functions, you must of course first set up an account. Download the free app (iOS, Android) or visit the platform on the web. You then have three options for logging into Pinterest:

  • You connect Pinterest with your Facebook account.
  • You enter an email address and create a password.
  • You connect Pinterest with your Google account.

Once you have made your choice, you can set up your user account, upload a profile picture and introduce yourself in brief biographical information. You can do all of this on your PC, but the app is also worthwhile: Since you may have your smartphone with you all the time, you can pin it quickly and easily - even when you are on the go.

How does Pinterest actually work?

Imagine Pinterest as a kind of huge, digital pin board: Regardless of whether it is recipes, inspirations or memories - this is all about the visual experience. On the platform you can upload your own pictures or see the photos of other users. The individual contributions are called pins and you can comment on them by tapping on "Add comment" after opening the content.

You also have the option of "repinning" a picture that you particularly like - that is, of "hanging" it on your own pin board. To do this, all you have to do is press the red "Remember" button after opening a pin. Or you tap on “Send” next to it if you want to share the content via WhatsApp & Co. outside of Pinterest.

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This is how you create a pin board

When you "repinn" a pin, you share it on your profile. You can think of your Pinterest pin board as a hodgepodge of individual pin boards that you can create yourself. These boards are ideally based on certain subject areas, for example fashion, vacation or beauty. This will make it easier for you to find the individual pins again later and bring order to your collection.

To create a board, go to the person icon in the top right corner of the app and then to the plus icon at the top. Select the option "Create pin board" and define the name of your board. Finally, you only need to tap on “Create” to complete the action.

Keep a bulletin board secret

Your pinboards are public, so they can be admired not only by you, but also by other users. The only exception is if you keep it a secret. It's pretty simple: when creating the board, you simply have to swipe the slider next to "Keep the pin board secret" to the right. Then only you can see the pin board.

The boards on Pinterest are public - but you can also keep them secret.

Photo: Own creation: Samsung / Pexels / Pinterest

Happy pinning with Pinterest

If you have registered with Pinterest, you should always think about which topics you are particularly interested in. You can of course also offer a colorful mix and share content on a wide variety of areas. However, it is also worthwhile to focus more on certain areas. So create fewer boards with common names like “shoes” or “t-shirts”. You can easily become more special: Pins for certain colors, cuts or shoe types ensure that your pin board is a real feast for the eyes.

How to create a pin yourself

Pinterest isn't just about sharing other people's content, you can also create your own: To create a pin yourself, tap the plus icon again. There are then two ways of uploading content: You tap on “Photo” and access a medium from your own smartphone gallery. Or you upload the photo using a URL by going to the "Website" option. You enter a link from which Pinterest then obtains the respective image.

Generate traffic

Since many Pins contain links to specific websites, they generate traffic to said addresses. As soon as you tap on “Read” or “Visit” on a pin, you land on the corresponding homepage. So if you run a small blog yourself, for example, you can win new readers thanks to Pinterest.

Follow inspiring accounts

As with Instagram, you can (of course) follow other users on Pinterest: If a certain user shares particularly beautiful pictures, you only need to go to their username. Then you can select "Follow" in the top right of the app. In addition, you can vigorously share the pins of other users in order to gain followers yourself.

The portal now has around 200 million active users per month - and the trend is rising.

Photo: Pixabay / FirmBee

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  • Pinterest is a creative platform through which you can share ideas, recipes or memories with other users, among other things.
  • The individual contributions are called pins: you either "repeat" other people's pins or upload your own content.
  • Your Pinterest profile is a collection of many individual pin boards that you create yourself. You can then stick any content that interests you on one of these pin boards.
  • Every board is public, so it can be seen by all users - unless you activate the option “Keep the pinboard secret”.
  • Since there are links in many pins, you can generate traffic. People only have to tap on “Read” or “Visit” and land on your website.
  • The best way to use Pinterest is via the app, as you can share pins at any time, even when you are on the go.
  • To create an account, you need either an email address, a Facebook or Google account.

Do you regularly use Pinterest to get inspiration or do you prefer other networks such as Instagram or YouTube? Feel free to write us your opinion in the comments.