Who is an undefeated wrestler in WWE

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10. Youngest champion: Nicholas. We're starting with a record that - like most of the others on this list - will probably never be broken. Because at WrestleMania 34, the only 10-year-old Nicholas won the Raw Tag Team Championship alongside Braun Strowman! This made him the youngest title holder of all time. He had to give up the championship the next day to return to fourth grade, but no one can take the record away from him.

9. Oldest WWE Champion: Vince McMahon. From the youngest champion to the oldest champion. Because at the age of 54 Vince McMahon personally won the highest gold of his own doctorate. Many others might have tried this before, but there's a reason Vince is nicknamed the “Genetic Jackhammer”.

8. Owned the MITB suitcase for a long time: Carmella. With Money-in-the-Bank, the tension isn't over at the end of the match, it's just beginning! When is the contract redeemed for a title match? When? Yes, when finally? Some wrestlers really take their time. The one who took the longest time was Carmella. She held the suitcase for 287 days until she redeemed it against Charlotte Flair on April 10, 2018, two days after WrestleMania, and won the SmackDown Womens Championship. Was worth it.

7. Longest total time as WWE Tag Team Champion: Kofi Kingston. Before Kofi Kingston could secure the biggest WWE gold despite all the hurdles, he was a tag team specialist; and it still is. You can see that in the impressive number of days on which he reigned as day champ: namely 975! Congratulations, Kofi!

6. Shortest match in WWE history: Chris Jericho / Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Tazz / Naked Mideon. Can you also congratulate the next record holders? Well, at least the winners of this match. Because Jerry Lawler rolled in this tag match during a RAW episode of Tazz before the ring bell had sounded. Tazz couldn't break free, thing thing, 1 2 3, thing thing, match over. The fun had lasted three seconds.

5th Heaviest WWE Champion: Yokozuna. Especially in the early years of the WWE, the titleholders were all muscle-packed heavyweights. But nobody was as heavyweight as yokozuna was when he was WWE Champion. While holding the title, he weighed in at a staggering 257 kg. Nobody has outbid that until today.

4. Undefeated for a long time at WrestleMania: The Undertaker. There is not much to say about this record. The Undertaker went undefeated at WrestleMania 21 times in a row. He collected and collected souls until a soul came that did not want to be collected. At WrestleMania 30, Brock Lesnar shocked the entire WWE Universe when the referee's hand hit the floor for the third time, breaking the streak. Rest in peace.

3. Most World Championships: Ric Flair. Okay, who's the record holder now? Ric Flair and John Cena have both won 16 World Championships. Or? On paper, yes. However, Flair claims he is a 23-time world champion. This is not at all implausible, some title changes were not recognized during the NWA times. Whooo!

2. Undefeated for a long time: Andre the Giant. Undertaker's streak was imposing, mystical. But Andre the Giant's series was just monumental. The Frenchman remained unbeaten for a full 15 years, until the legendary match with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III, when Hogan powers Andre and defended his WWE title.

1. Longest WWE title reign: Bruno Sammartino. It is not possible to talk about records without mentioning the name Bruno Sammartino. He held the WWE Championship for 2803 days in a row. To put that in perspective: That's more than 7 years! In words: 7! Years! I have to lay down …