Why does Uber allow illegal immigrants drivers

Notes for carriers

During controls, people are repeatedly arrested who are illegally traveling to Germany in buses, taxis or trucks.

In the case of criminal prosecution by the federal police, it is primarily the smuggling organizations that are investigated. Because they organize the illegal, sometimes inhumane transports and ruthlessly exploit the fate of others to enrich themselves. The sums involved are considerable: smugglers receive between 5,000 and 15,000 US dollars per person smuggled.

If you suspect that your service is being used by people smugglers, please notify the Federal Police or any other police station immediately.

Recommendations for action for personnel in passenger transport

According to Section 63 of the Residence Act, transport companies are only allowed to transport foreigners into federal territory who are in possession of the required passport and residence permit.

In bus traffic
When traveling across borders, insist that passengers identify themselves with a passport or ID card before starting their journey.

Control of a coach in cross-border travel

Cross-border crime seminar for carriers
The Federal Police offers advice and training on the following topics: entry regulations into Germany or the Schengen area, forgery of documents and the improper use of identification documents. If you are interested in this, please use the contact form.

In taxi traffic
Only transport people if you are sure that you will not be suspected of being smuggled. Be careful with orders with unusual requests, for example pick-up at night in a barely inhabited region near the border without a fixed address - you could be used for a smuggling offense.

Recommendations for action for personnel in freight transport

Always be on the move with your eyes and ears open. Experience shows that smugglers exploit the inattentiveness of some drivers for their own purposes. Truck drivers who work across borders are particularly at risk.

You should therefore carefully check your truck for "unwanted passengers" before each departure. It happens that the people to be smuggled in are placed on the truck unnoticed by the driver, for example during break times.

The smugglers often choose trucks to transport people.

Illegal rides are often life-threatening. If the smuggled people hide under the trailer, for example, there is a risk of falling and being run over. So by paying attention you not only protect yourself, but also others.

Seminar on cross-border crime in the transport industry
We offer advice and short seminars on cross-border crime in the transport industry.
In the seminars, the most important police and criminal law provisions that must be observed when crossing a border are conveyed. In addition, the vehicle shows how people gain access to the truck or trailer without the driver noticing.

If you are interested in this, please use the contact form.

The media on "Beware of smugglers and illegal migrants!" are available here for professional drivers with the most important information in other languages.