Why don't engineers program whiteboards?

Painting robot course - online programming with Cody ++

In cooperation with the university and the Karlsruhe children's and youth library as well as the Ă–stringen city library, we are now offering the painting robot course in online format. It is now possible to program the painting robot online and learn the basics on your own computer or laptop. Although the robots are at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, the children and young people can program them from home and watch their robots painting via a webcam.

Suitable for girls and boys from the age of eleven.

Playful introduction to the world of programming

With the graphic programming language Cody ++ specially developed for kids, kids get an insight into the way a programmer thinks. With the help of individual pieces of the puzzle, you program a painting robot, which then converts these programs into pictures.

The following picture shows exactly what the programming looks like:

The best thing about it: It's very simple, so that you can draw your own patterns after a few minutes. The workshop, including the programming language and robots, was developed by Professor Walter and his university team to give the kids a playful insight into the world of technology / programming.

The workshop is carried out by students from the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences under the supervision of Professor Walter. Professor Walter gives more exciting insights into how the painting robots work and how the kids learn in the interview here.

Programming painting robots: event dates and participation requirements

Due to the current situation, we are offering the online course for programming the painting robots entirely through Microsoft Teams. The kids receive support with questions and problems so that the course can run smoothly.

The painting robot course takes place online every Wednesday and Saturday for two hours each. In addition to the basics, you also have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of programming.

The painting robot course is suitable for kids from the age of eleven. The technical requirements for participation can be found here under the requirements on the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences website. The children / adolescents receive further information and access data by email one week before the course date.

Registration for the painting robot course

We look forward to your registration and hope you enjoy discovering the world of programming!