How is Playboi Carti's style of music punk

Frequency: rappers who are not gangsters

Yung Hurn from Vienna, RIN from Württemberg: at the festival in St. Pölten, two representatives of Cloud Rap will also make a guest appearance. This style is more shrewd than it may sound at first.

Finally a style of music that really annoys adults! He is called Cloud Rap - after Soundcloud, the internet platform on which the cloud rappers published their tracks long before they began to record on physical sound carriers - and is a hip-hop bastard made of sweet synth motifs, slow-motion beats and squeaky singing.

What makes the genre so challenging for older pop listeners? First of all, the unrestrained use of auto-tune: The cloud rappers use this technique - originally developed to help unsure singers to correct pitch - to excess, smearing every melody with it. That pulls the last nerve of many a listener. But it gives the pieces that artificial impression that makes the sometimes smacky lyrics in the love songs bearable.

Do-it-yourself aesthetics

The lyrics are a problem in themselves. On the surface, they offer nothing but a blatant mix of branded product fetishism, drug abuse and fast sex. You only come across the subtleties after listening to it a lot. Not all of them do that to themselves. And many cloud rap skeptics overlook the fact that this genre is shaped by the do-it-yourself spirit of punk. You can see that in the videos with their charmingly shaky low-budget aesthetics. Here, too, you don't get some clandestine messages the first time.

The role models of the German-speaking cloud rappers come from the USA, including Lil B, Playboi Carti, Lil Yachti, but also R&B singer Frank Ocean. Your enemy are the established gangster rappers, whose favorite subjects are violence and big cars. The Europeans are not so consistent here and sometimes rave about the fat Benz. In general, however, cloud rappers refuse as many standards as possible that hip-hop has developed over the past 40 years. It hardly rhymes. No special value is placed on danceability. Rather, the great existential carelessness spreads.

A whole pharmacy in the texts

Instead of fantasizing about a happy relationship, a few pointed words are usually used to propagate faster sex or rave about the quick, chemical kick. In the often provocatively slow sung word cascades, names of drugs shimmer that are otherwise only known to pharmacists. The Swabian-Bosnian Cloud Rapper RIN (recte: Renato Simunovic) sings in “Monica Bellucci”: “Shawty is so high and sees love everywhere, ey ​​yeah, Shawty feels so alone and that's why she throws another part.” What here Euphemistically referred to as "part" is the mood-lightening drug Ecstasy, affectionately called "Molly" elsewhere. “She wants to ride with me, home with me, Promethazin, no lines, no lines”, RIN sings in “Nike”. Cocaine, crystal meth and the anxiety reliever Xanax - he praises everything as if they were harmless smarties: his current mixtape “Planet Megatron” is not for unstable listeners. But maybe this whole drug dada is just a kind of defense against the “create, create, house” ideology of his Swabian homeland? At least against the “Classic Old Dudes”, the somewhat embarrassing older men who appear as “COD” in his piece “One Night”.

In the minimalist and artistically devised alternative world of his Viennese colleague Yung Hurn, on the other hand, it is often about vodka and cocaine. A few weeks ago his official debut album, "1220", shot to number two on the German charts, only Helene Fischer was stronger. This shows the market relevance of this genre, which at the beginning completely refused to enter the music market and put all its fruits online for free.

Many of Yung Hurn's early songs are now also available on vinyl. Including "Bianco", the smash hit that he invented in 2016 together with RIN. Unfortunately, a duet at the Frequency Festival is rather unlikely: They both perform, but on different days.

Frequency Festival: from August 16th to 19th near St. Pölten. Yung Hurn already performs on Thursday at 8 p.m., RIN on Friday at 5 p.m. The rapper RAF Camora, who was born in Switzerland but grew up in Vienna - who raps in "5 Haus" about the Vienna district of Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus - comes on Friday at 8 p.m., Left Boy vulgo Ferdinand Sarnitz on Saturday at 8 p.m.

("Die Presse", print edition, August 16, 2018)