How does Siri get context

Android Siri for Android - is that possible?


On the iPhone, Siri offers many options for implementing spoken requests. Whether managing appointments, making calls or checking the weather report - Apple's artificial intelligence is there to help. Unfortunately, iOS and Android are two completely different operating systems, which is why Siri cannot simply be installed on an Android smartphone. However, as an Android user, you don't have to do without intelligent voice assistance: Since 2017, Google has been providing Android users with the German version of their "Google Assistant".

Note: The Google Assistant collects various data about the user in order to provide certain functionalities. This includes, for example, information that is stored directly on your smartphone (contacts, music, calendar ...), but also web and app activities such as search queries or the Chrome browser history.

What is the Google Assistant?

The Google Assistant is, just like Siri, a personal assistant to whom you can give commands through voice or text messages. The goal of the Google Assistant is not just to follow commands bluntly, but to get to know the user in order to intelligent on requests to be able to answer. The app isn't just taking Android available, but can also be downloaded from the app store on a iPhone to install. The Google Assistant is also a possible alternative to Siri on iOS.

How do I start the Google Assistant app?

The Google Assistant is on the newer Android versions (from version 6.0) already pre-installed and all you have to do is activate it. To start, just hold the home button Your smartphone. Alternatively, you can also activate voice recognition so that the Google Assistant starts when you "Ok google". How to activate" Ok Google "is explained in a further guide.

What can the Google Assistant do?

With the Google Assistant, you can talk almost like a human. The language assistant doesn't just understand complete sentencesbut can also draw conclusions depending on the context. For example, if you ask "What will the weather be like tomorrow?", you will receive a suitable answer. You could then ask, for example"And what about next week?"and the Google Assistant will understand that you still ask about the weather and show you the result. This makes speaking with the voice assistant very much like a" normal "conversation. Of course, you can ask for information as well, of course CommandsTo give how "Write Anna on WhatsApp"or"Show me the way to the nearest supermarket". You can also ask"What can you do for me"to get a small list of possible commands. In general, it is advisable to just start a conversation with the assistant to find out whether a certain feature is supported. You will often be surprised that the useful little tool answers various questions answer knows.