Is It expensive to live in Lisbon

Cost of living in Portugal lower than in Germany

Compared to Germany, life in Portugal is a little cheaper. Even so, you should take your time to read the Analyze the cost of living more closelybefore you decide to move permanently to Portugal or invest in a holiday property there. There are sometimes considerable differences between the tourist centers in the Algarve or in Lisbon and the rural regions.

Lots Everyday products are cheaper in Portugal than in Germany, although products imported especially for foreigners are significantly more expensive than in Germany. Fresh products are best bought in one of the local markets, where the quality of fruit, vegetables, bread, dairy products, etc. is usually better than in the supermarket.

Food prices and the running costs for a vacation property are quite manageable. Through the country too to travel, either on the train or in the car, is very cheap; the Gasoline prices are roughly at the German level. This makes Portugal very attractive as a destination for emigrants and holidays.

Eating out is very cheap

Restaurant prices in Portugal are generally lower than in Germany. Cigarettes are much cheaper to have; alcohol is a bit more expensive compared to German prices. Both Cell phone tariffsFor both prepaid cards and contracts, there are very inexpensive tariffs with high data volumes.

The Rental rates are now almost at the German level in the tourist centers; outside of these regions, however, they are significantly lower. The Property prices fell after the real estate bubble burst and you can get one or two bargains.