Amazon Echo is just a fad

More and more people from Graz are living with ALEXA

“Alexa louder” - you hear this sentence more and more often at parties. Because many people have a new "roommate", the Amazon voice assistant Alexa. More and more Graz residents are living with Alexa.

Speaking assistants

They are not just a fad, no, they are now part of many households in Graz - the language assistants. ALEXA in particular is popular, you may have already noticed. This assumption has now been confirmed at this year's CES technology fair: You are on the way to controlling almost every electronic device for which one can even begin to imagine useful voice control.

Several published studies show that voice assistants are actually being accepted by users and are also changing the way they use technology. Surveys on the topic found that one in four would rather use a voice assistant than a website to find information. The popularity of the devices also explains the numerous advertisements from Amazon and Co. The new Mercedes-Benz voice assistant was also presented at the CES technology fair. It is activated with "Hey Mercedes". You shouldn't necessarily have to give very precise commands like "set the temperature to 23 degrees" - it should be enough to say: "Hey Mercedes, I'm cold."

The question also remains how the various assistants can coexist in everyday life. At the moment, the platforms are working more on exclusively luring users into their world and keeping them there. But it is already not uncommon for someone to use the Google Assistant or Siri on their smartphone - but also to speak to Alexa at home. Electronics manufacturers are trying a balancing act: They cannot ignore the boom in voice assistants, but at the same time they do not want to be reduced to the ecosystem of just one provider. (APA, red)