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Youth camp of Bavarian chefs: the greatest young talents train for the first star

Regenstauf, May 25, 2016 (obx) - Many of them want to reach for the coveted gourmet stars: Bavaria's budding top chefs are currently perfecting their skills with a special one-week intensive training session in Regenstauf (Regensburg district) in the Upper Palatinate. The youth camp on the Eckert Schools campus, organized by the Bavarian Association of Cooks, is one of the most important talent forges in the industry for the chefs of tomorrow. The 47 participants between the ages of 15 and 25 come from gourmet restaurants in all parts of Bavaria, many of them highly decorated with one or two Michelin stars. The quality of the intensive training has meanwhile got around: Young chefs from the rest of Germany have also registered this year.

The trendy intensive seminar with event character is taking place for the third time in Regenstauf. The hotel management school run by the Eckert Schools there is one of the most renowned in its field in Germany. TV chefs like the avowed meat lover and organic Wagyu breeder Ludwig "Lucki" Maurer laid the foundation for their careers here. The most popular offers at the Regenstaufer Hotel School include further training to become a chef and hotel manager.

"With the camp we want to give the young talents the chance to learn from top chefs, to exchange ideas and to refine their taste buds," says organizer Bernd Kordina from the Bavarian Association of Chefs. This year's camp opened with a spectacular barbecue experience at the open “fire ring”. Professional chef Fabian Beck - winner of the master's prize from the state government near Würzburg - initiated the participants into the secrets of the art of barbecue.

Other highlights of this year's event week: The Chinese "sushi magician" Xiao Wang, who is considered one of the most creative and best teppanyaki artists in the world, kidnapped the young chefs into Neptune's realm. David Mahn, head pastry chef at the two-star restaurant "Ammolite" in Rust, worked with the young chefs on sweet creations. In his seminar, Roland Kestel, member of the Presidium of the Association of German Chefs, relieved the cooking stars of tomorrow's fear of the gourmet classics of galantines, pies and terrines.