Why is alternating current measured in tons

Measure AC voltage and AC current

With alternating current and alternating voltage, one speaks of electrical quantities, the values ​​of which repeat themselves regularly over time. Analog measuring instruments are only able to measure the value of the real signal curve to a limited extent. Instead, a math value is displayed. The so-called mean values:

  • Arithmetic mean
  • Square mean value (effective value of the alternating voltage)

Arithmetic mean

A moving-coil instrument adds up the arithmetic mean value in the DC range for each applied pulse. Moving coil instruments therefore show the direct current component with mixed voltages!
The arithmetic mean results from the voltage û, the pulse duration ti and the period Τ.

RMS value / root mean square

The rms value is a root mean square!
Moving coil instruments only determine arithmetic mean values ​​in the AC range. However, the scale is provided with the numbers of the root mean square.

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