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Wild Dogs Festival 2019


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Hildesheim is a blues stronghold. But the blues has more to offer than the established events with the famous 1950s Chicago blues. We want to expand the offer and bring the raw, original blues to the city with international, authentic bands. In September 2018 the WILD DOGS FESTIVAL took place for the first time in the Kulturfabrik Löseke: Bands from Sweden, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands made the KUFA a meeting place for roots music for one day and an audience from a radius of over 600km into the Town brought. The positive response from the guests and the bands was overwhelming. Therefore we are now going into the 2nd round:

At the 21.09.2019 find that WILD DOGS FESTIVAL 2019 instead of!
This year we invited bands from USA, Finland, England, Spain, Belgium, Holland and Germany. For the second time, the Kulturfabrik Löseke is immersed in the world of raw & dirty blues.

The Wild Dogs Festival is a daytime indoor festival. There are four stages of different sizes, an outdoor area with a fire kitchen and pavilions, a tattoo artist and small action areas that make up a festival.

The Deltaz have worked for over a decade to master a wide range of sounds, from heavy blues and roots rock to classic country and folk. Brothers John Siegel and Ted Siegel spend many of their days perfecting new records in a handcrafted studio near their home in the hills of the Mulholland Highway overlooking Los Angeles. At a nearby Southern California institution, The Old Place, they regularly play for diners at the crowded mountain restaurant. There they met the ears of bassist Rick Rosas (Neil Young, Joe Walsh), who became the group's mentor. They are currently touring all over the world and appearing as headliners or side acts. At the same time, they attract the attention of musicians like alt-country act The White Buffalo and Mississippi blues legend Watermelon Slim, and play with both of them several times.

Psychedelic blues meets modern rock steamroller sound! Anyone who likes the adrenaline rush of bands like Royal Blood or Queens of The Stone Age, but also groovy rock riffs that relate to blues and psychedelia, could find their new favorite band in the Belgian quartet.
On top of that, singer Marcella Di Troia combines the spirit of Janis Joplin with the coolness of The Kills and Dead Weather singer Alison Mosshart in stage presence and vocals, but always remains herself. Behind her, her band with guitar, bass and drums grows into an irresistible one Rock groove that merges into big choruses and brings every hall to a collective nod in no time at all.

Moonshine Wagon is a bluegrass band mixed with acoustic punk. She was founded 5 years ago in Vitoria and has been touring Europe and part of America on her own in her motorhome "la Wagon" since then. The band consists of a string quartet in which violin / mandolin, banjo, guitar and double bass mix.
They are very easy to recognize due to their peculiarities: their inexhaustible and easily infectious life energy, their life and their documentation that they publish on social networks. They released 3 albums: "Folk You!", "Porca Miseria" and the recently released "Straight From The Mud".

Martin Harley tours inexhaustible and has come a long way. With a unique talent he became an important and respected "voice" in the development of popular blues and folk guitar music. Known for his fantastic handling of the slide guitar, Harley has also proven himself to be an exceptional guitarist and wonderfully amazing songwriter.

This three-headed hellhound from the Finnish wastelands delivers raw, dirty and catchy blues rock with cigarbox guitars and a suitcase drum kit. Originally founded in 2014 as the Duo Moonshine Mojo, Mojo quickly grew into a frenzied rhythm trio and found their own style of music, which they prefer to call "Gutter Boogie". Screamin 'Fingers Willie with his cigarbox guitars, Hobo Slim with his six-string guitar and Dirty Howlin' on vocals make for an absolutely unique sound.
Their music moves somewhere between the landscapes of the cold tundra, the delta and the swamps. Influenced by the roots of the original Delta blues, they mix their soup with some garage and fuzzy desert rock while not forgetting the punk aesthetic. Moonshine Mojo released their debut album Stuck in the Rut on cassette in 2018. It was recorded in their rehearsal garage. In spring 2019 they recorded new material in the studio and the upcoming EP will see the light of day at the end of summer 2019.

The southeastern United States. Cradle of the blues. The bars and suits of the 50s are hardly a shimmer in the mosquito-laden air. This is exactly what The Big Swamp breathes. The music of the four Hildesheimers is earthy, pulsating, original. Delta blues. Southern rock. Swamp rock.
Slide guitar, blues harp, bass create an unmistakable style. “Sharp juke joint sound from Hildesheim”, the editors of “Guitar & Bass” were amazed after the first recordings. The music of The Big Swamp flows through the ear canals like fiery whiskey through the esophagus. The band swims in the same waters as Shawn James, Foghat, R.L. Burnside, Jack White, Wucan, Siena Root or Blackberry Smoke.

Bang Bang Band Girl - Sheri Corleone started playing as the One Lady Band in 2011 in Valparaíso, Chile. A lover of rock & roll in its truest and rawest essence, drives rockabilly, surf, garage and trash blues influences by digging up seeds from the no wave and noise genre. Sheri Corleone sings on stage and plays a Japanese Teisco guitar and a bass drum. BBBG makes their own recordings in their home studio with bass and oscillator arrangements and relies on Philippe Gilard (John Wayne Supermarket, Ex Indian Ghost) for sound production.


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