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1 m² = € 3.77


Rolljet with fabric film, heat and
Impact sound insulation 30-3 WLG 045 DES sm

Rolljet as a system heat and
Impact sound insulation board according to DIN EN 13163
as interior insulation on ceilings or
Floor plates according to DIN V 4108-10,
Building material class B2 according to DIN 4102-B2,
fabric-reinforced plastic
Foil lamination with grid printing
as a film top layer against
Esrichfeuchte according to DIN 18560 and for
Locking of the tacker clips, with 30 mm
Foil overhang to the tightly closing
Joint covering of the composite panels.
Fire behavior class E, EPS-CFC-free

The roll jet systems are in Germany


Dimensions: 10000 x 1000 mm
Plate thickness: 30/27 mm
WLG: 0.045 W / mK
Thermal resistance: 0.667 m2K / W
max.load: 4.0 kPa (kN / m2)
Dynamic stiffness: S 15
Impact sound improvement: 29 dB

80 m² =

8 rolls can be shipped.

The shipping costs are per pallet = € 53.55

80 m² (8 rolls) can be packed on one pallet.
PU: 1 roll = 10 m²



Buy Alujet Sonic 3000 impact sound insulation from specialist wholesalers

Are you sometimes annoyed by the noise your parquet or laminate floor makes when you step on it? The cause of the sometimes annoying noise is quickly identified: with most floors there is no fixed connection between the laminate / parquet and the sub-floor / screed. One speaks here of a "floating" installation. The result is the above-mentioned annoying noises when walking. We at the specialist heating & plumbing wholesaler in Eisenhüttenstadt offer you an effective solution for reducing footfall noises. The Impact sound insulation Alujet Sonic 3000 is a special track that mainly consists of rock flour. It ensures a significant reduction in room noise and impact noise in all types of rooms.

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The advantages of impact sound insulation for underfloor heating Alujet Sonic 3000

The Impact sound insulation for underfloor heating Alujet Sonic 3000 has some distinctive advantages that we would like to introduce to you at this point. The train makes for a quiet walking noise when walking over it, which most people find pleasant. The usual clicking noise of your laminate floor is a thing of the past. In addition, the Alujet Sonic 3000 soundproofing membrane provides effective protection against steam and moisture. It prevents sub-surface moisture from building up and spreading. In addition, the Impact sound insulation Alujet Sonic 3000 has excellent thermal conductivity properties. For this reason, it is also ideally suited for underfloor heating. The track only raises the level of the floor by 1.5 mm. And last but not least, the railway is one hundred percent recyclable - it consists largely of natural rock flour.

The technical details

Here's a quick look at the technical details of the Impact sound insulation for underfloor heating Alujet Sonic 3000. The soundproof membrane has a weight per unit area of ​​3 kg / m² and a material thickness of 1.5 mm. The fire protection is classified with B2 (DIN 4102). This means that it is a "normally flammable building material". The thermal conductivity is 0.14 W / mK and the thermal resistance is 0.011 m² K / W. Finally, the footfall sound improvement measure and the room sound improvement measure. These are up to 36 dB for impact sound and up to 36 sons for room sound. If you have any further technical questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. I - the company owner Gerhard Schäpe - will be happy to answer all your questions personally.

Processing information

The Impact sound insulation Alujet Sonic 3000 should be laid loosely on the dry screed / subfloor. The side of the fabric should be facing down. It is also important to ensure that the individual strips butt against each other during installation. The manufacturer Alujet offers you various adhesive tapes to match the Sonic 3000 soundproofing membrane, some of which are also suitable for floors with hollow layers of more than 2 mm. Talk to us if you have any questions about laying. We would be happy to advise you!

Specialist wholesalers heating & plumbing - favorable delivery conditions and other advantages

In addition to the Impact sound insulation for underfloor heating Alujet Sonic 3000 we offer you numerous other products related to heating and plumbing. Our specialist wholesaler in Eisenhüttenstadt offers you the right materials for all requirements in modern heating construction and sanitary installations. As our customer, you benefit not only from our many years of experience, but also from our favorable delivery conditions. We are happy to deliver the products you have ordered to you as quickly as possible. Our delivery area covers the whole of Germany. Of course, you can also pick up the goods you have ordered personally from us, if you prefer. We are happy to meet your requirements and, if you wish, we can also deliver large quantities at low cost. To a good cooperation - your team from the specialist heating & plumbing wholesaler!