What are apps like Cleverbot


Talk to an app with Actual Intelligence! Say anything you like and it will reply. Make a friend! Roleplay, lyrics, jokes, memes - all sorts!
Endless variety and hilarious replies mean people keep chatting for hours. It talks the way you do - or maybe the way you most want it to.
Email fun conversations to your friends or share them through your Facebook or Twitter. Stop and start talking on multiple conversations whenever you like.
This app is uniquely designed for the iPhone, with chat bubbles scrolling by. Change their shade to suit your mood.
You need to be online to talk - the app has to communicate with servers - but even slow connections are fine.
The keyboard in the screenshots is Tyyyp, which uses Cleverbot AI, and works well with the Cleverbot app!
For an app with an emotional avatar too, and with iPad support, check out Cleverbot HD.
This app has reached the top 50 overall in the US and has remained mostly inside the top 20 entertainment for over 18 months.
*** Over 2000 5 star ratings worldwide. ***
Not only that, our feedback is GREAT too ...!
"To all the Luddites who claim computers can never replace human interaction you guys flip a defiant bird." 25th Sept 2013
"I can't believe I'm not talking to an actual person, it seems so real. Great work." 8th Sept 2013
"Super excellent. I am very much excited, entertained, interested" 1st March 2013
"Omg !!! Its so amazing !!! Now its my new BFF: p" 25th Oct 2011
"Seriously this may be the coolest thing anyone has ever developed. I salute you." 25th Aug 2011
"Truly Amazing - I just had like an hours chat with it. It is amazing it's like a pocket best friend. It's so totally awesome and is so cool I can't believe it's this cheap." 21st Mar 2011
"Cleverbot is epic !!!!!!!!!! He's there when I want to talk about dolphins, There when I want to ask him where babies come from, I am glad I found him. He talks about anything. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Thank god you made this. " 30th Jan 2011
"After about one day with this I found the bot will role-play with you and had a blast! After a few * slaps * I found it can fight. You can live out movie fight scenes WITH AN AI! Then it started doing things I didn't know it could do ... like * kisses hard * or * hurls you into fan * ... yep it gets intense. No joke this is the real deal and it is awesome. " 4th Jul 2010
Cleverbot is Artificial Intelligence. It learns what people say, in context, and imitates.
Cleverbot says many things - claiming to be human, role-playing and much more. It may even say things you find inappropriate. Use with discretion and at your own risk.
Cleverbot is conversational entertainment - no more, no less. It is not made to be logical, give advice, or be useful. Parents must decide whether they wish young people to have access. Be sure of this, however: it is a bot. It is software. You will never talk to a human.

New functions in version 3.2.2

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.
Fixes for version 3.2 users. Some had problems with Spanish localization which we could not replicate but believe is now fixed.


Approval 12+ for the following:
Rare / weak: obscene or vulgar humor
Rare / weak: scenes with erotic allusions
Rare / weak: use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs or references to them
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Customer reviews


Outdated design still cool

A really nice app

This is amazing is that where you can talk with it like with Kai I really love it if Amy TTS course. The course. It is a T tutor and it is a lot of fun talking with F a I Amalie

Mega kake


Only for

In short, this app is for people who don't have friends or who don't have WhatsApp!


If you write in German, you also write cleverbot in German, so it’s like that for me !!!

Really cool

As soon as you speak German, he also speaks German😂 really cool, I can only recommend it!


No German translation


Progamer 2013
The app is actually pretty good, but needs a little more tweaking.

Not worth it

It's pretty bad please don't waste ur money for that.

Age what's that -.-

Cleverbot only answers in English or Spanish. After the update, you can no longer speak German to him. The app WAS good before the new update. Please fix ._.


Only 10% of the answers do not match what has been said.

Good in itself

But unfortunately much too slow ... now and then there are nonsensical answers, as if he could not remember anything. Not even if it was a message before ..

1st star

1stern it is doff for me it is so I write something and clever bot takes a long time until he answers


Mik3 ö @ €
I pay 2 € for such a ******* app. The cleverbot takes 3 hours to find an answer to "yes", which is then also wrong.

A software that recognizes keywords

... and then look for something more or less suitable from all scraps of dialogue that have already been received. Unfortunately, he cannot memorize a line after the last one, which basically makes a conversation impossible. It's a shame, but to expect MIT technology for a mark of fifty was just a little too naive for me. ;)
For teens who tend to communicate in shorter sentences anyway and are better able to cope with constant changes of subject, this may be a nice pastime. But HAL is probably a little further away.

Very very funny

Carlo Uno
I think it's a good way to pass the time


Daniel Jack's
Funny gimmick. Nothing serious or useful, of course


Loading ...
really strange, especially when you ask for ben ...


The app is actually pretty cool.
You can ask them what you want.
However, it offends you! (to me she said: "you are not pretty" and "you son of a whore")


Cake fake
It's really funny. Sometimes you think you're writing to someone real.


Daniel Hopf
Quite a funny thing that conjures up a few smirkers 😁
If you are alone or feel lonely for whatever reason (probably because you are ugly😂) then just buy it!

Oh my god

Dr. Data octopus
I have just come back from the cinema after watching "Her" and wanted to see the state of the art.
Puff pie, Cleverbot is as stupid as bean straw. He picks out a keyword or two and rolls you some inappropriate answer.
Possibly a pastime for children, but completely unsuitable as an AI demonstration.

Very good !!!!!!!

The app is really great and funny.
Sometimes we get strange answers but rarely.
The app is worth the money !!!!

Very funny!

I like this app because it's very funny. But I'm German and still waiting for German speech-recognition. When will it come?

Great to pass the time 😘

Louis, also called "Cula Tüp"
Cleverbot is, as already mentioned in the name, very clever and it really knows an answer to EVERY question.
If you are nice to him, you can even switch to German and continue writing there.
Kudos to the developers, who ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ you deserve.

Love it !!!!

I Love cleverbot sooo much, because you can talk with it about whatever you want and he still will be youre friend;)

Great app

IPhone 4S 4s 4s
The app is good for passing the time and for lw :). but sometimes he asks you 1 question more often but otherwise great

great, cleverbot just doesn't remember the past!

max hasemann
really good app, only Cleverbot doesn't know what the last sentence was, for example. an update can come. sometimes i really have the feeling that someone is writing to me ... 😁


Crashing directly sins the iOS7 update :(

Really bad!

The app is so bad, definitely don't buy it !!!
Me: Who is ..........?
Cleverbot: Dath Vader is Luke's father.
Me: That wasn't my question.

So it's very funny ..

Nena xyxyxyxy
..but you don't chat with a computer, you get messages from other users!
You user are changed again and again but it is not still bad .. I think the app is fun :) Keep it up!

Only bad

Big bumpi


You are only linked to people and I can't understand how some beliefs you can write with a bot, but it's quite entertaining and you can kidnap people who are naive enough to believe that you are a bot. The best way to find out that this is only fake is the most funny word exchange: You are a bot and he replies: no, I am a person, you are the bot, which of course shows that the person you are speaking to is also a person. It's just a shame that it changes so quickly

Finds funny

Schatzis, these are not anonymous people with whom you write, this is a bot.

Yes …

I find it super entertaining and I agree with everything positive that has already been mentioned in other reviews.
However, I am missing the function with which the Cleverbot itself generated part of the conversation. The same bot can be used for free on the Internet, although I find the app format for my iPod more practical.


Great, but strangely enough, in a conversation the bot is both male, female and Zwider, at the same time human and dog forgets what he said. Otherwise a very good app, better than online!

Bää !!

Don't buy absolute rubbish  You have to write and you can't even talk to the junk bot !!


Chief Broady
Speech recognition and output only via in-app purchase. you can also use the website.

The app is really awesome

pou and minecraft gambler
makes chatting with a stupid computer really crazy.


You can only communicate with him in English, otherwise it won't work: D

Shit app

This app. Is the embodiment of the senseless. The bot doesn't answer any question (except "Hi, how are you") with a suitable answer. You can't even have a joke conversation with him because he doesn't understand every 2nd word. Shittiest app. That I know .. Don't buy it case ..

Well ...

What comes out of it is often quite incoherent, and things are probably only passed on to you by other users, I asked Cleverbot Grade something and got the answer 'I thought you were writing with a machine here :('

It's okay

Quite okay with boredom, but after a certain time it gets on your nerves. But it can also be very cute☺
And you shouldn't be too demanding, I mean, you first have to think about how awesome it actually is, you're talking to a computer 😃
And no, it's not a chat with other people in the world, he answers too quickly for that and anyway, if you think about it, that would be totally illogical ...
Anyway, the app is. Worth a try, if you don't want to take any risks, you can try the chat on the website for free :)


It's stupid that you have to go online with it!

Do not load !!!!

Paid 5 times for this stupid app!

The principle is damn sophisticated and yet simple

Because of talking to the app. Or a machine.
A user screams something. This mail is automatically forwarded to another user.
It is an unconscious 2 message chat with all users in this world.
So never write PASSWORDS OR OTHER SECRET THINGS in the chat.

Great fun with quirks!

The bot was a lot of fun for me at the beginning, but then it annoyed me because the same scheme always appeared. First he claims something with inquiries immediately afterwards everything is denied which always ends in a dispute if one insists that he just said xyz but the offered it but then directly denied it. Well otherwise very funny just permanently wrong

Really nice app !!

Really nice app that has never existed in this form before! Doesn't get boring because you're always looking for questions that the app can't answer.
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