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Farewell words: Take care, dear colleagues!

“You never go so completely”, the pop singer Trude Herr once sang. Finding the right parting words is difficult for many people. A simple "Bye, I'll be gone" is not enough. And that goes for both sides. If an employee retires and the relationship with his colleagues was good, saying goodbye is also sad. It is often clear that those present will not meet again in this way, regardless of whether they are in private contact.

The other way around: if an employee quits himself and wants to leave the company, there is no reason to be sad, but here too the right words are required. We show you the best way to say goodbye and provide formulations for various occasions ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Duration and relationship are decisive for parting

When it comes to choosing the right parting words, the occasion is decisive. The term farewell means separation from someone or something. Since parting always involves the risk of being final, friendly parting words have become commonplace.

This is especially true after a conflict: you should never part in anger, otherwise you may regret your last words. That is also the reason why, at the end of the day, you wish a colleague who is leaving the company all the best and find friendly words of farewell - even if you were often annoyed in everyday work.

How a separation from those who remain behind is assessed depends on the one hand on the duration: is it permanent or temporary? On the other hand, the personal relationship naturally plays a role. If the relationship was almost amicable, not only warm farewell words but also a parting present will probably be presented.

For the following formulation tips, we look at who is saying goodbye and in which situation.

Farewell words at the short farewell

Those who say goodbye in the evening will hardly be missed painfully. Everyone knows: I'll see you again the next morning. The same applies when a colleague says goodbye on vacation.

The formulations or individual farewell words are based on regional characteristics. While in western Germany “goodbye” or colloquially “goodbye” is widespread in many places, in more southern areas people say “goodbye” or “servus” (also in Austria).

The parting words can be correspondingly short here:

Farewell words to colleagues

"Take care, I'm out!"
"I say goodbye, see you Monday!"
"To everyone a nice weekend!"
"Keep your ears stiff!"
"See you again in two weeks!"

Farewell words from colleagues

"Have a nice evening!"
"Enjoy the weekend!"
"Have a good rest!"
"Have a great vacation!"

Farewell words when changing jobs

When changing jobs, it naturally depends on the background. This is not always entirely voluntary, for example when a colleague only had a fixed-term employment contract and is leaving the company. Or there is a move for the job because of the partner. In such a case, funny farewell sayings will probably be formulated.

Some words of farewell are suitable for a small speech or a personal farewell, others can - for example, packaged in poetry - decorate a card.

Farewell words from former colleagues

  • "We will miss you. You were always there for us and brought a breath of fresh air into the booth with your jokes. We wish you all the best for your new position! "
  • "Changes are hard at the beginning, chaotic in the middle and wonderful at the end." (Robin Sharma)
  • “Even if you were only here for a short time: Your creative streak has always been a cause for amazement and we will miss it. All the best for the new position! "

Farewell words to former colleagues

  • “Dear colleagues, it was not foreseeable that my detour here would be so short. I have applied across the pond countless times and now it has worked. You don't get such an opportunity very often in life, which is why I take it. Do it well and toi toi toi with the new project! "
  • “They say: parting is not the worst thing in the world, seeing each other again, that counts! And with these words I want to say goodbye without maudlin wailing. Some may breathe a sigh of relief inwardly. Those who do not belong will agree to my proposal. Let's keep in touch and see you again. All the best, bye! "
  • “You were great colleagues I could always rely on. It is not easy for me to leave. I hesitated for a long time and that was also up to you. But a new job also offers new opportunities and development opportunities. And who knows - maybe we'll meet again? If not at work, then on Wednesdays at the club. "

It is certainly less solemn when someone has a bad boss or nasty colleague: No unctuous farewell words, just up and away.

Farewell words when you retire

Formulations are completely different when the farewell is permanent. The most common parting word for carefully chosen parting words at work, in addition to changing jobs, is the retirement of a colleague. Paternity leave can also be a reason for a colleague to leave the company. However, this will often only be temporary, so the regret is probably not that great.

When you retire, both sides need to say goodbye. The departing colleague will usually express their thanks for the many years of good cooperation. For their part, the colleagues often gather to say goodbye, so that flowers and a present are presented. Appreciative farewell words should not be missing, most of the time people talk about well-deserved retirement. That everyone wishes their former colleague a pleasant retirement evening with time for family and hobbies. And that you will miss him or her. Depending on the type and colleague, such farewell words can be funny or more individually formulated:

Farewell words from former colleagues

  • "Retirement: The ability to do what you want, when you want."
  • "A retired man is a full-time job for the wife!"
  • “Good colleagues are those who you think back gratefully even years later and with whom you had the best time of your life despite professional challenges. You are such a colleague - all the best for your retirement! "
  • “Dear Paul, the last day is over, now you finally have time for your favorite activity, for fishing! I will miss the shop talk during the lunch break. I also always knew that I could turn to you if I had any questions. First of all, enjoy your newfound free time, fortunately we'll see you on Sundays at the club! "
  • "Dear Elke, goodbye to us all the best and thank you for your tireless commitment. A good-hearted colleague is retiring with you - but it will probably be more of a non-retirement! Just lie on the couch and do nothing? We know you too well. Elke stands for volunteering, grandchildren and English courses - these four E’s will continue to exist. Don't forget us and drop by if you can find time in between! "

Farewell words to former colleagues

  • “In retirement, I finally can't do everything that I always wanted to do when I was still working! Okay - hopefully it won't be that bad. But I can't do the whole Berlin Marathon any more. That's a good thing, the more time you have for the garden. You were great colleagues that anyone can only wish for. And such a farewell doesn't have to be forever - I'm always happy to have visitors when you're in the area! "
  • “Warning, I'm retired now, but I still work part-time as a pain in the ass. I don't want to waste a lot of words either, just this much: The last ten years here with you have been great. I'll miss all of that here - the department, the hectic everyday life and, last but not least, the regular exchange of blows between Markus and Daniela when there was another argument about numbers. I would be happy if we stayed in contact, you have my number. "
  • “Thank you for the successful cooperation. The last few years have not always been easy, especially since my health was not good. With a heavy heart, I have therefore decided to retire earlier. Those who know me from before know that I don't give up easily. So I go with one crying and one laughing eye. But I also know that my young colleague Katharina will represent me properly. If you have any questions, please contact them with confidence. "

Farewell words in the event of death

If a long-standing colleague dies, the former work colleagues often feel the need to condolate the bereaved. Giving someone genuine condolences to the loss of a loved one is part of the grief work. You can find out how to find the right parting words in the event of death here:

Correct farewell: Thank you for the good cooperation

The Internet is full of collected works of how employees say goodbye to their former company. The cases of workers in America are particularly spectacular.

This is mainly due to labor law that is worse for employees. Most of the time it is a matter of terminations without notice, that is, parting words and simultaneous termination coincide.

Anyone who has been exploited in their employment relationship probably sees little reason for touching farewell words.

In Germany, not only are workers' rights different. Whatever the reasons for leaving the company: You show true greatness if you maintain your composure. So even if you don't part with mutual agreement: At the end of the day, really giving everyone one thing, telling the boss how stupid you have always thought him is not a good style.

And apart from a momentary satisfaction, you may score an own goal: If you don't know what really happened and witness your rather ungracious farewell words, you will take the employer's side in case of doubt.

If you work in a rather manageable industry, angry verbal failures could cause the former boss to use his influence. Then in extreme cases you will never be able to gain a foothold elsewhere or at least have difficulties.

When saying goodbye, a short "Thank you for the good cooperation" should always be included - the rest can be thought of by the others.

Farewell to the company reflects the style

How you say goodbye to the company as a whole reflects your style. Because the old rule still applies: You always see each other twice in life. A dignified farewell is therefore also part of the corporate culture - although it is apparently not possible for some employees to make a good exit.

Regardless of what may have happened in advance, this is due to the farewell itself: On the one hand, it is a big day that represents a turning point in previous life, similar to starting school or a big birthday. At the same time, divorce hurts, even if you quit yourself.

Those who do not just get out of a bullying situation have usually worked closely with their colleagues over a certain period of time. Farewell words are definitely appropriate, although the social psychologist Rolf van Dick states that there is no real farewell culture in Germany - in contrast to other countries.

According to a study by the two organizational researchers Anthony Klotz from Oregon State University and Mark Bolino from the University of Oklahoma, the type of departure has an impact on the further course of a career.

In their research, they identified seven different styles (two positive, two neutral and three negative) and came to the conclusion that a positive farewell is important. It looks like a notice of termination is given.

In addition, everything should run correctly, and gratitude and trust should be signaled. Depending on the previous history, this naturally requires a strong personality. The fact is that, according to the study, impulsiveness and conflict avoidance are rated negatively.

Tips for your parting words

Theodor Fontane once said: “Farewell words must be as short as declarations of love.” Depending on your personal relationship, you have two options for getting your farewell words to a man or a woman: in a farewell speech or a farewell email.

A farewell speech may be a bit more formal and certainly appropriate if you are retiring after a long period of worthy work with the company. On the other hand, if you change jobs, you may be able to keep your farewell words a little shorter. In any case, it is customary to go on strike. This gives you the necessary framework and the attention you need for your parting words. The following tips:

Keep farewell words short.

Assuming a good working atmosphere, it will be difficult enough for you and those present to say goodbye. Especially when you have mastered common challenges, something like this welds you together. Therefore, such a farewell should not include hours of speech. Explicit recommendations are difficult because it depends on the individual situation and the framework conditions. Table speeches take two to three minutes, birthday parties five and corporate events ten minutes. Some short farewell words should therefore not last longer than three to five minutes.

Formulate personal words.

Address people personally. To do this, state the name of the boss and make eye contact with those present. Also important: your facial expressions. Make an effort to smile at your colleagues.

Finding the good in the bad.

Even if you hold an inner grudge against the company or individual colleagues: think about your good reputation. Something like "I have no idea how I could endure it in this mess for so long!" May be a need for you. However, you exude a lot more confidence when you formulate positive farewell words and thank you for the good cooperation than when you leave the company with a big bang on the last day.

Signal willingness to contact.

You probably already know some colleagues well enough to have personal contact anyway. Others might be interested in staying in contact with you - and networking pays off for you too. You can therefore end your parting words by pointing out that you would be happy to receive further contact. To do this, give out an e-mail address or a mobile phone number for those willing to contact you.

Example of parting words after the end of the project

Dear colleagues,

I really enjoyed working with you. It's been an exciting twelve months and there were times when I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. My big thanks go to the team leader, Ms. Meier, who has always kept calm and has not lost her sense of humor even in stressful times.

Thanks to you too, I couldn't have wished for better colleagues - I like to think of the spontaneous barbecues that we organized after work.

But of course also the use when the roof was broken as a result of the storm and we tried to save the equipment armed with umbrellas, tarpaulins, buckets and sensors!

What a mess - what a cohesion! These are moments that are forever burned in my memory. I would be happy if we stayed in touch - I can always be reached on Facebook or on my mobile number 0123/4567890.

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