Should social media teams handle social advertising

Social media require skillful crisis management. Because a single critical review can quickly damage a brand's reputation. What to consider when dealing with negative feedback.

Twitter, Instagram and Co. offer many opportunities in your own communication, but it also brings with it completely new challenges in terms of crisis management. A single critical review or complaint can quickly gain momentum and damage a brand's reputation.

In order to build lasting trust with customers and potential target groups, it is important to create conditions under which one can react to negative feedback on social media today.

Four tips from Claudius Henrichs, Best Practice Center Lead at the solution provider Khoros:

1. Keep the response time short

Establish an ideal response time and be sure to adhere to it. Many consumers expect an answer within 30 minutes. When it comes to sensitive issues, the customer becomes more and more impatient and dissatisfied as the waiting time increases. In the worst case, he feels ignored and expresses his displeasure publicly.

2. Be human and positive

Take control in a crisis situation by being helpful and authentic. Never answer negatively or defensively. Avoid premade responses and try to make a human connection. Make sure your customer feels heard and understood. If necessary, apologize for the inconvenience to defuse criticism.

3. Answer publicly in addition to a private conversation

Most conversations on social media take place in public. That's why a public response is essential in order to present your brand transparently. If you need sensitive data to solve the problem, however, you should shift the conversation to personal direct messages. However, so that the public can understand that the problem has been resolved, you should also publicly inform the community about it.

4. Establish clear rules

When comments creep into hateful language, respond clearly by stating unequivocally that that type of language is unacceptable. Make a clear statement in your "About Me" section about which manners are allowed and which are not.