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The evolution and history of the NASA logo

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was convened more than half a century ago. It is this organization that enables us to explore space, and that is something that humanity thought was impossible. Space probes that reach the limits of our solar system and manned shuttles that propel scientific programs are all possible thanks to NASA. The Curiosity rover, which was launched in late 2011, has brought to Mars all of the advanced and valuable scientific devices that humanity has ever invented. Perhaps that's why the NASA logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

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Per aspera ad astra!

The history of the NASA logo goes back to the first variations, which were created in 1959. It looked interesting for those years, but it didn't last long.

Then it was decided to simplify the logo a bit, to make it clearer and sharper. Many details were removed during the design process. Only the crimson rocket trail, the deep blue sky, as limitless as space itself, the white stars and the NASA lettering remained. It was later affectionately called "meat ball" while the official name was "insignia". This logo was very easy to grasp for a mind. The sky was just a sky and the orbit was just an orbit with no hidden meanings.

New NASA logo

The US government asked a design agency to come up with a more current and relevant logo. The designers hired for the project decided to completely change the logo. They worked so hard that little was left of the original logo, just very stylish and elaborate NASA lettering.

Perhaps in our age of simplicity and minimalism, one would like to adopt such a logo. At the time, however, the logo was rejected. It was called the worm logo, and it took quite a while for the logo to get adopted. In addition, the younger employees liked the new logo better than the old one. In the end it was a case of “youngsters versus old timers”.

The new logo was accepted and even received an award for an exquisite design. But somehow the “meatball” came back in 1992! The old logo was brought back to revive a memory of the old merits. People began to forget important milestones like the Apollo program. The agency's authorities decided to commemorate mankind's great leap and prove that NASA has not changed yet.

Meatball in other countries

The Nasa logo has been copied many times outside of America. For example, the 2014 logo was used by Korea. They hijacked the emblem for their NADA space agency. That was done explicitly. The logos are easy to confuse with each other, the names are easy to confuse, and the company's name sounds like a fake. The Russian “Roscosmos” logo also has some similarities. The only difference is that the Russian logo is minimalist.

However, the room belongs to everyone, and the sky is always blue. Maybe it's that kind of situation where everything original has already been used and it's hard to come up with something new because there isn't one. All in all, the history of the NASA logo shows that a good logo doesn't have to be obvious, and sometimes people enjoy visual propaganda.

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