What are the specifics of Instagram

Instagram functions at a glance

What once started as a simple platform for sharing private snapshots has now developed into one of the largest and most popular social networks in the world. From live videos, stories and creating guides to exchanging messages via direct messages and shopping, the Instagram app does not set any limits with its functions.

The social media world is turning faster and faster and, of course, Instagram too. The range of functions continues to grow. So that you can keep an overview, today we are going to introduce you to the most important and newest Instagram functions in detail.

# 1 Post pictures & videos on Instagram

The social media platform Instagram became famous for the simple sharing and posting of private pictures and videos. This is of course still possible today, but it is no longer just the direct sharing of a simple snapshot.

Elaborate image processing, formulating a suitable caption, selecting hashtags and inserting markings. These are all things that now play an important role in a posting. One speaks of a true Instagram aesthetic that users want to create with their posts on their profile. A uniform feed is the figurehead of your person or your brand. It creates recognition value and can convey a certain mood through certain colors, optics and images.

In addition to various filters that Instagram provides for editing the posts, the recordings can be adjusted in terms of brightness, saturation and sharpness directly in the app. With the help of various editing programs and tools that are available on the market today, you can also edit your pictures on your smartphone and plan your feed in advance.

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# 2 stories & story highlights

The well-known “Instagram Stories” are an indispensable function of Instagram. They enable the user to capture and publish the real life behind their perfect photo feed, share snapshots with the community and take their followers with them in their everyday lives. With the Instagram Stories you have the opportunity to convey a much more authentic picture of yourself.

Instagram Stories do not appear directly in the user's news feed, but are located in a separate area. As a user, you have the option to post as many photos and videos as you want without flooding your followers' feed. Your stories are displayed for 24 hours and then automatically disappear again.

This is how you create an Instagram story

1. Simply swipe right on the start page to access the camera view.

2. Tap and hold the white circle for a photo to create a video.

3. Via the gallery symbol in the lower left corner, you can also select existing content from your media library.

4. Edit your story however you want.

5. Post using the "Your story" button.