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Shara Grylls - Biography and Everything You Should Know About Bear Grylls' wife

When Shara Grylls married Edward Michael Grylls, the artist widely known as Bear Grylls, she signed up for a life of adventure. Her husband is a popular British adventurer who has made a productive career out of a passion for traveling the world. He moderates the television series Human versus wilderness this is also possible with the title Born Survivor: Bear Grylls and Ultimate survival on Discovery Channel.

Before Bear Grylls entered her life, it was Shara, already a writer, something she started at a young age, but when she met her husband, she took her career to the next level by becoming a published writer. Sincere advice to hold hands with Shara Grylls on her wedding day was the inspiration that spawned her second book later in the future. Read on to learn more about their background information and everything in between.

Shara Grylls - biography

Before marrying the popular British adventurer Shara Grylls led the quiet life of a writer. She was born in England in 1974. Although her parents' identities are unknown, it has been confirmed that they named her Shara Cannings Knight when she was born. The details of her educational background have remained private, however her penchant for writing started early, but she didn't publish a book until 2006 after she married Bear Grylls.


Shara Grylls is a published author whose main focus is helping married couples build strong and lasting relationships. Her first book was published by Pen Press Publishers in 2006 and she called the piece "Marriage Matters," a selection of philosophies about successful marriages gathered from various people based on their personal experiences. In particular, she urged people from all walks of life to share their recipe for a successful marriage in order to better solve union problems and prevent such experiences as much as possible by encouraging new couples to borrow some ideas from people who have been there before.

In 2012 a second book came to fruition and Shara called it "Never Stop Holding Hands: And Other Tips for Marriage Survival". As published by David C Cook, the play follows advice Shara and her husband received from an elderly couple on their wedding day. The book is full of motivational quotes about marriage, and the rave reviews received from readers mean it has been helpful to many.

In addition to writing, Shara is also involved in charity and organizing fundraisers to contribute to various causes.

Life with Bear Grylls

There's no denying that Shara, being a world-class adventurer's wife, has so far been a roller coaster ride. They met in Scotland at a time when Bear Grylls was preparing for the mountain. Everest. Although he fell in love with Shara, he left her after a few months to make his way to Everest, and when he did that, the adventurer returned to his heartbreaker and asked her to marry him without a fuss.

Given the rate at which marriages collapse recently, the couple decided to develop strategies to help them in the future and this included visiting a counselor shortly after their wedding in 2000. This, according to them, would save the need to to meet one in the church future. Again, at the wedding, the couple asked their guests to share tips on building a happy marriage. This exercise inspired Shara to write a second novel, using the advice of an elderly couple who admonished them never to stop holding their hands.

Their marriage lasted many years; Even though her husband's career often keeps him away from home, Shara Grylls has managed to keep things together while he's out and about what he loves. The couple is blessed with three male children. The first Jesse was born in March 2003 and was followed on April 6, 2006 by his brother Marmaduke Mickey Percy. After another three years, the couple welcomed their last son, Huckleberry Edward Jocelyne, on January 15, 2009.

According to Bear Grylls, he carries his family in his heart during his adventures when they encourage him to return home in one piece. The family of five lives in London and also spends a lot of time at their home on the North Wales coast on St. Tudwal Island.

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