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Children's birthday party: We have them all

A theme party is a hit with children!

Children love to dive into strange, exciting worlds and to slip into other roles. A theme party is ideal for this. Because children are often interested in certain professions, areas or characters. Boys are fascinated by the fire brigade, construction sites or dinosaurs. Girls like to imagine life as a princess or go horse riding with their unicorn. Whereby these traditional preferences for mottos become blurred the longer and more and more often boys are invited to unicorns and girls to pirate parties. Children process these preferences every day in the game and live out their imaginations. In addition, a theme party is not tied to a certain age. Regardless of whether you are planning the first children's birthday party or another children's party, a theme party is always suitable, exciting and unforgettable. It is therefore only advisable to take up these preferences for a children's party and organize a theme party. A motto for the children's birthday is sure to be found quickly. If it becomes difficult to find the right motto, suggest different ideas to your child. You can find inspiring party ideas for a successful children's birthday with us. You can also make a preselection to make it easier for your child to make a decision. Older children should definitely be included in the planning of the children's party. Planning the theme party together and collecting party ideas and party decorations is not only fun, but definitely increases the anticipation of the upcoming children's party. Click your way through our collection of ideas and choose the right party idea for your motto. You will not only find the most popular characters in the children's scene but also a whole collection of party ideas from A-Z. Let yourself be inspired and host the theme party of the year.

Organization made easy: theme parties and party ideas

Anyone who has ever planned a children's birthday party, a children's party or a babyshower knows how difficult and time-consuming organization can be. Choosing the theme party makes the preparations a lot easier for you, as the framework for the children's party is already clearly defined. Party ideas such as invitation cards, party decorations, table decorations and game ideas do not have to be laboriously found, but are clearly specified by the party motto. You can find variations for your party decorations in our shop. Less is more? This motto can be applied to some areas, but by no means when it comes to the party decoration of a theme party. Reach deep into the box of party ideas and transform your children's party into an unforgettable theme party. Because one thing is clear, the children's birthday party decoration is the heart of every party motto. The party decorations not only have to be festive, but also have to take the children's party with you into the world in which it is supposed to take place. The party decoration adorns the ballroom of the princess party, equips the jungle of mighty dinosaurs and turns the living room into the operations center of fireman Sam. The focus of the children's birthday is the birthday table. This is where the celebrations begin and the children can prepare for the children's birthday party. Matching party decorations such as tablecloths, serviettes, plates, cups design your theme party accordingly. From the party idea to the theme party to the party decoration, you can find all this and much more in our shop. This will make your children's birthday a great success!