What is Robert Heinlein famous for?

The leap in time

Review of "Der Zeitsprung" by Robert A. Heinlein This 350-page edition of the book was published by Heyne Verlag on December 14, 2015. The original version was first published in 1964. Contents: Hugh Farnham and his family took refuge in one of their own during a nuclear attack But when the Farnhams venture outside again after a while, they do not find themselves - as expected - in the midst of smoking rubble, but in a subtropical paradise: the nuclear attack catapulted them two thousand years into the future the apparent idyll is deceptive, because the future holds some unpleasant surprises in store for the Farnhams ... Cover: I think the cover is very great. It fits the science fiction genre and the colors make it an eye-catcher on the shelf. My opinion: When I was the first Once I saw the blurb and the cover, I was thrilled - an interesting plot that was also used during the Cold War and plays in the future. That's why I expected a lot from this book, especially since it is also praised as one of the most famous science fiction books on the back. What is striking about Heinlein's writing style is that it is dominated by dialogues, at least when the group is still together at the beginning. The book can be read easily and quickly, but it also creates a lot of flat and sometimes even unnecessary dialogues that could have been saved by simply writing the matter without the people having to say anything. I also find the people a little "crazy". A drug addict mother. A son who likes to behave a little rebelliously and sometimes beat himself up with his father. A father who at times aims with a gun at his son and finally a daughter who offers the father "that he can have her if he wants". Well ... The whole family is also passionate about playing bridge, knowledge is definitely useful as a reader ... I find the world of the future interesting in itself, but I would have expected more here, too. The race problem in the world that the "whites" are above the "colored" is turned around here, so that the "colored" have a special function in the new world and are considered to be of higher quality. An interesting aspect, I think , but it could have been expanded. Conclusion: In itself I read the book with a lot of interest and with great pleasure. Due to the many dialogues and the peculiarities in the story and the characters, it did not inspire me. A science fiction classic that is well worth reading I'd recommend Sci-Fi fans, his other books sound pretty interesting too, so I might try Heinlein again in the near future.