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Open the user interface

However, there is one restriction to note: The whole thing usually only works with Fritzboxes that you have purchased in free trade. Routers provided by the Internet provider are restricted in many places, so that they usually lack the appropriate setting options.

To set up alternative DNS servers, follow the steps described below for a Fritzbox 6591 Cable. The procedure should, however, be transferable to all modern AVM routers.

First open the Fritzbox user interface by entering the address in any browser fritz.box call. After you have logged in with your password, switch on the advanced view. You can find this option by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner.

Go to the DNS server tab

Then navigate to via the left sidebar Internet / access data. In the following dialog, switch to the tab DNS server. Depending on whether you have only activated IPv4 or Dual Stack or Dual Stack Lite (DS Lite), you will find setting options for IPv4, IPv6 or both on this page.

Select DNS server

Now click on the corresponding radio button, for example Use other DNSv4 servers. Then you can in the two fields Preferred DNSv4 server and Alternative DNSv4 server enter the respective IP addresses. If necessary, proceed in the same way with the addresses for IPv6 DNS servers.

Which public DNS server you use is largely a matter of taste. Please note, however, that the DNS provider can see which websites you are visiting. After all, the domain names have to be resolved so that surfing behavior can be derived from them - at least in part.

There are three major international public DNS service providers that use the following IP addresses:




After you have entered the respective addresses, all you have to do is click Take click. You can see in the user interface under whether the Fritzbox is using the new DNS server Internet / online monitor / DNS servers used. (ad)