What are the funniest WikiHow illustrations

"How to Hide Your Erection": The Most Absurd Wikihow Tutorials

The internet has simplified a lot. If you don't know one thing or the other in everyday life, you can avoid having to ask a possibly embarrassing question and instead consult Google. There is an answer to most problems in the world: Often it comes from the user-generated tutorial page Wikihow, which has an answer for pretty much every question - no matter how absurd it may seem. Another humorous highlight is provided by the illustrations that are created to match the respective tutorials. For example:

"How to Stop a Wedding"

One tutorial that went viral due to its absurdity is the one that tells users how to prevent a wedding. A wide variety of options are discussed - for example, to ensure that the parents no longer pay the couple any more money or to cancel the wedding afterwards, for example because it is incest or the like.

"How to Fold a Sheet of Paper"

For those of you who don't know how to fold a piece of paper, there is now a tutorial.

"How to clap"

A user asks in the comment column: "Why does this article even exist?" The answer: "To teach people different gossip techniques; and the right time to clap."

"How to take a shower"

"Wet your entire body. Slowly turn in circles a few times."

"How to Run Away and Live Alone as a Teenager"

Difficult family life is not something to make fun of. However, the tutorial recommends young people instead of notifying authorities or youth protection offers and seeking help to live alone on the street.

And so on ...

The list of creative Wikihow tutorials is endless. A collection:

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