Kindle Unlimited costs money

Amazon Kindle Unlimited Explained: What Is It? How much does it cost?

Those who want to read books digitally are well served with a subscription to a digital library such as Amazon's Kindle Unlimited. On the one hand, books can be read digitally here, on the other hand, magazines are also available for reading.

The digital library works not only on an Amazon Kindle device, but also on other devices such as tablets, smartphones or the PC.

This is what Kindle Unlimited offers

Kindle Unlimited offers a selection of one million book titles and magazines in digital format. There are also 2,000 audio books. You can always borrow 10 titles at the same time. So if you like reading different books at the same time or someone else is reading along with you, you can borrow several titles at the same time.

A title is saved in your own library as soon as the user clicks the "read" or "add to library" button. The own library is available on your own Kindle model and on any device on which the Kindle app is installed.

This can be a tablet, smartphone or PC. Books that have already been read must be returned so that new titles can be borrowed again. This is done in your own library simply with "return" for the corresponding title.

The Kindle app can do that

The free Kindle app, which is available for iOS, Android and PC as well as Mac, replaces a Kindle e-reader. The Kindle Unlimited eBooks can also be opened in the app.

The app provides access to the Kindle Unlimited catalog and to its own library, in which the borrowed titles are located. The app offers many of the features that a Kindle device has. In this way, font size, font, background color and other settings can be optimized according to your own reading preferences.

More functions:

  • Share reading samples with friends via SMS and email
  • Integrated dictionary that displays its definition by tapping on a word
  • Switch between eBook and audiobook using Whispersync for Voice
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That costs the subscription to Amazon Kindle Unlimited

The Kindle Unlimited reading flat rate is available for 9.99 euros per month, and the subscription can be canceled on a monthly basis.

If you want to try the service, you can take a free month as a new Kindle Unlimited customer. At the end of the month, the subscription changes to the paid version. Otherwise, the service should be canceled before the end of the free month.