Why do dogs obey people

Dogs long for clear rules

It has nothing to do with a strong need for freedom if your dog cannot hear. Of course, dogs also enjoy their freedom from time to time when they romp around on a meadow without a leash, when they are allowed to play with other dogs or when you can move freely in the sand on the dog beach. But dogs are also pack animals that long for rules and a certain order in everyday life. They want to orientate themselves towards their pack leader and trust him. If your four-legged friend barks, growls and bares his teeth on a walk as soon as another dog crosses his path, he usually does not do this because he would enjoy intimidating his counterpart. Rather, he feels compelled to protect you because he believes that without him you would not have the situation under control. This puts tremendous stress on not only you but also your dog.

Dogs need a confident handler who will lovingly but consistently show you the way and whose judgment they can rely on at all times. Even dog breeds that are considered difficult to train will willingly listen to a competent owner when they notice that this is the easier way for them. After all, all dogs are opportunists: they show behavior that is worthwhile for them, for example less stressful and which may even result in a reward, than behavior that does not bring them to their goal and which may have negative consequences.