Why are humans not animals

Animal rights


Just as there are no born slaves, there are no “farm animals” or living beings that are born for “milk production”. Names and functions are imprinted on them and assigned by people. These are changeable and not facts.


Habit and taste cannot justify the lifelong suffering and gruesome killing of countless individuals. Even if many people could not kill animals themselves - it does not matter to the animals who kills them. The purchase and consumption of animal milk are an obligation for captivity and for killing and promote a system of exploitation, greed for profit and animal suffering, but also of food scandals and diseases, among humans and animals.


Animals are no commodities, no food and no "livestock", but individual living beings capable of suffering with their own interests and diverse needs.


They must be freed from human control and their right to life and liberty recognized and defended. Diet has long ceased to be a private matter, but inevitably always affects others whose interests are taken into account or harmed. Everyone decides for or against suffering, pain and death when consuming. Overcoming the oppression of all animals, including humans, and an end to systematic physical and psychological violence against them should be a fundamental characteristic of a free, just society based on solidarity.


Humans and animals must be freed from all intolerable, humiliating and externally determined violent relationships. Because every life counts and every individual should be able to determine himself alone. It is essential to abolish exploitation. The demand for freedom and integrity must apply to everyone, to people and animals.