These men are breasts

When men have breasts: where does it come from and what helps

Men's breast: causes and treatment options

Almost every second man is affected by an unattractive appearance that can sometimes even be dangerous: the man's bosom!

Breast augmentation in men undoubtedly puts a strain on the psyche.
But it is even worse when a serious illness is hidden behind the excessive accumulation of fat in the chest area.

Diet, hormones, hormone-like substances, medication and illnesses: all of these factors can be the cause of men's breasts.

Dr. Birgit Pössl, specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Salzburg, explains all the important points about the development and treatment of men's breasts!

Man's breasts from being overweight

Excessive nutrition is associated with fat storage all over the body. In overweight men, this ultimately also affects the chest.

This form of male bosom often occurs together with the diet-related beer belly and is called pseudogynecomastia.



Beer, stomach and breasts in men - the connection

Beer belly and men's breasts: In overweight men, both are primarily caused by an excess of calories. With heavy beer consumption, however, there is another aspect to be considered. Because: beer contains hops. And hops act on the body like the female sex hormone estrogen. In other words, beer promotes breast growth!


There are also numerous herbal compositions and chemical substances in various cosmetics that are also comparable to hormones in their effects. These include, for example, ingredients from lavender and soy as well as parabens, which are already viewed as critical. If men use such contaminated care and cosmetic products on a regular basis, this also promotes breast growth.

Natural hormonal changes

Even if there is an imbalance in the male hormone balance, breast attachment can occur in men. This is the case, for example, during puberty or during age-related hormone changes.




Man's breast from medication and drugs

The drugs that promote breast growth include anabolic steroids, gastric acid blockers, tricyclic antidepressants, and cardiac drugs with the active ingredient digitalis. Drugs can also cause breasts in men. This is known from amphetamines, cannabis and cocaine.

Breast growth caused by disease in men

The male breast is known to accompany cirrhosis of the liver, kidney weakness or functional disorders of the thyroid gland. Even breast cancer occurs in men. This is particularly fatal because the men affected do not initially think of cancer if they have lumps or swellings in the chest area. The result: Breast cancer is usually discovered late, which minimizes the chances of treatment.

React immediately to changes! Dr. Birgit Pössl advises: Affected men should immediately have the cause of the breast augmentation clarified by a doctor. Especially when lumps and changes are particularly noticeable on one breast.