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Complex mechatronic systems, from development to after-sales service: As a partner of globally active top companies as well as small and medium-sized companies, Zollner Elektronik AG offers cross-sector system solutions along the entire product life cycle.

The company was founded in 1965 in Zandt, Bavaria and is now a 100% family-owned stock corporation. Through continuous organic growth, the Zollner group of companies has established itself as a mechatronics service provider among the top 15 EMS service providers worldwide.

Individual, personal support is important to us - it starts with comprehensive advice and continues through all phases of cooperation.

At 20 locations in Germany, Hungary, Romania, China, Tunisia, the USA, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Hong Kong, we focus on quality, the best price-performance ratio, technological lead and a best-cost country strategy along the whole Value chain. Regardless of whether it is a question of individual parts, modules, devices or complex systems: The customer decides on the depth of the process.

The values

Which values ​​do we feel obliged to as employees and managers?

  • Trust, respect and honesty
    We can rely on each other and treat everyone in an appreciative manner.
  • Responsibility for the whole
    We keep an eye on the company as a whole and are proud of what we have achieved together.
  • professionalism
    We work purposefully and use our strengths and skills.
  • Ability to change and flexibility
    We are willing to change, innovative, have the courage to innovate and are constantly developing.
  • economics
    We concentrate on the essentials and continuously improve quality, time and costs.
  • Performance and commitment
    We are strong in implementation and focus on the result for the customer and for Zollner.

The guiding principle

What is the company's purpose and what is our conviction?

  • We are a professional mechatronics service provider and offer individual industry solutions along the entire value chain.
  • We deliver customer benefits and competitive advantages for our customers over the entire life cycle of the products and services.
  • We rely on long-term, trusting partnerships.
  • We are continuously increasing our innovation performance, quality and sustainability.
  • We are continuously improving and thus ensuring productivity and process excellence.
  • We are fast, uncomplicated and use the synergies of our business areas and functions.
  • We rely on qualified and motivated employees, on responsibility, initiative and team spirit.
  • We generate a sufficiently high profit so that we can remain financially independent and invest in the future.
  • As a family company, we have a long-term focus, rely on organic, healthy growth and acknowledge our social responsibility.

The strategy

We have a solid, multi-year strategy from which we derive our goals, budgets and projects. This is an important prerequisite for orientation, clarity and implementation.

Our guidelines

Cross-departmental guidelines

  • We regard the various specialist topics as a management task.
  • We consciously act in accordance with legal provisions, norms, standards, guidelines and customer specifications.
  • We work according to documented processes, evaluate their risks and opportunities and monitor their implementation.
  • We pursue continuous improvements through targeted projects / programs to achieve strategic and operational goals.
  • We undertake to ensure the necessary information and resources for the goals.
  • We develop the competence and sense of responsibility of our employees * and partners according to their task.

* In order not to impair the flow of reading, no distinction is made according to gender when naming people and groups.
The male person is used, the female being expressly included.

Leadership model

  • We are role models.
  • We create a culture of trust.
  • We treat each other with respect.
  • We support our employees in their development.
  • We create added value.
  • We make understandable decisions.
  • We learn from our mistakes.
  • We drive future-oriented change.

Quality guidelines

  • We rely on the zero-error strategy, which aims at error-free processes and products as well as their safety.
  • We use structured quality planning and thereby create the conditions for robust processes that meet all requirements.
  • We systematically apply quality tools in order to work appropriately on the continuous improvement of our processes.

Environment and energy guidelines

  • We plan, control, monitor and continuously evaluate our environmental impact as well as resource consumption and energy-related performance.
  • We use action programs to reduce the impact on the environment and ensure that resources are used consciously.
  • We use appropriate technical and economically viable options in the design, development, production and operation of systems.
  • We support the purchase of energy-efficient products and services.

Occupational health and safety guidelines

  • We regularly determine the occupational health and safety risks in our workplaces and take measures to eliminate, minimize and prevent them.
  • We promote the safety and health protection of our employees through action programs.
  • We actively involve our employees and external specialist units in the operation and further development of occupational safety.

Health guidelines

  • We qualify managers through training in various formats for health-friendly employee and self-management.
  • We maintain and promote the health and well-being of our employees through behavior and situation-oriented measures.
  • We support our employees with professional and private problems with an extensive range of advice.
  • We offer assistance in reconciling work and life phases through targeted programs.

Information security guidelines

  • We regularly evaluate the risks to information security and set ourselves goals for improvement.
  • We guarantee constant availability, confidentiality and integrity of the information available through appropriate technical and organizational solutions.
  • We guarantee continuous business operations so that data processing (possibly limited) is possible even in the event of a disaster.

Guidelines for business ethics / social engagement

  • We acknowledge our social responsibility and regularly determine the expectations placed on us.
  • We are guided by the international guidelines on ethical and social responsibility.
  • We make a contribution to society through various campaigns and encourage our employees and partners to act in the same way.

Our organization: efficient and close to the customer

We want to be as flexible and efficient as possible for you. That is why our entire company is consistently geared towards this requirement with a flat organizational structure.


As a global company, we are committed to our corporate and social responsibility. This is an essential part of our corporate culture. Our activities in the areas of responsible business, sustainability and social responsibility are anchored in our integrated management system.

We have summarized our expectations with regard to quality, environmental protection, occupational safety, health protection, information security, working conditions and business ethics in our "Guidelines for the Integrated Management System" and in our "Zollner Code of Conduct".

We expect our partners to adhere to these principles of conduct as the basis for our business relationships.

The "ZOLLNER CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2019" shows how our company complies with legal obligations and contributes to sustainable development. We are addressing our internal and external stakeholders, in particular our business partners, our employees and the people around our locations.

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