Why are there so many card games

Card game renaissance

Thrill in the living room at home

Solitaire, canasta, gin rummy, poker and blackjack, there are many card games, from simple to challenging. The largest range of games can be found in the online casino, including live blackjack. In live games, the dealer, who is the dealer, and fellow players are practically at the table, you feel like you are in the casino. This brings the thrill into the living room at home in real time.

The rules are learned quickly

Blackjack is so popular because it is quick to learn and you can start playing right away. It is not played against fellow players, but all players play against the dealer. The aim of the game is to get as close as possible to 21 with your own cards and to beat the dealer in the process. The game is played with a normal deck of 52 cards. Points are awarded according to the value of the card, jacks, queens and kings are worth 10, aces are worth 11 points. The dealer assigns two cards to each player; he himself also receives two cards, one face up and one face down. Now bets are made depending on what your own cards look like and how high the dealer's up card is. For example, if you got an ace and a 10, i.e. 21, you won the game. If you don't have a 21 in your hand, you have to decide: Either you take another card, which involves the risk of exceeding 21, then you automatically lose and the bet goes to the casino. The dealer must also take more cards until he reaches 17 or outbids himself. At the end, your own hand is compared with that of the dealer. Whoever is closer to 21 wins. There are still some special rules like double or split, which vary by casino.

With skill to victory

In the past, only a deck of 52 cards was used to play with, and so it was possible for clever minds to count the cards that had already been drawn and thus to know which cards were still in play. Today, casinos play with several decks of cards, which makes card counting almost impossible, even if players keep doing it. One of the reasons why blackjack is so popular is that it is one of the few games where you can still achieve something with skill.

The winner gets it all

In addition to poker, an online blackjack tournament scene has also established itself in recent years. In these tournaments, players do not compete against the dealer, but against each other. It is played in several rounds with chips. After each round, the players with the most chips at the table advance to the next round. In the final round, the six best players compete against each other, the winner receives the advertised prize money.

Even if it is with the beginning of the warmer season there are more leisure activities again, that leaves enough time for exciting blackjack rounds, because fortunately the virtual casino has no opening times.