How do I wax my shaky hair

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Diffuse hair loss

If you have the feeling that your hair is getting thinner and thinner all over your head, diffuse hair loss (also called diffuse alopecia, effluvium diffusum or telogenic effluvium) may be behind it. Because this is noticeable through an even hair loss over the entire scalp.

Often it only occurs in phases, as it is usually tied to certain living conditions. Physical or physical stress, lack of sleep, lack of nutrients (e.g. when dieting) and smoking are factors that can be recognized and eliminated quite easily.

The situation is different with endocrine disorders (for example of the thyroid gland) or hormonal changes. At best, these should be clarified by a doctor. The effects of medication, for example from anti-coagulant substances or antihypertensive agents, can also be to blame for constant hair loss. Because each of these factors can temporarily or permanently imbalance the hair growth cycle and cause hair growth to stop.

Some often minor changes in daily life can help to get the hair loss under control, for example by avoiding excessive stress or following a balanced diet (see also What to do against hair loss?). Special remedies for diffuse hair loss can also help to stimulate hair growth again and to stop hair loss.