What is Docduc


  1. You can go there for a day without having to test when you return or quarantine So in the evening over to Germany in the morning back to Assen 😂 Nothing will change so quickly at the puppet theater dasLaumann and Vasallen are currently taking place. Nevertheless, I hope that there is still something positive for you It is decided We are unfortunately not allowed to go as a visitor. Pukes me but strong Ballermann with swing aces no chance. Does anyone understand and please explain to me?
  2. We say here in the Sauerland: With the force you lift a goat around the back 😊 With a little patience, Mr. MM from Spain would possibly get further and become strong bit by bit.But that is probably not one of his habits so be it
  3. At the top there is a vent. Sits in the container. At the same time, the container is secured with. Open with a 8-key, I think I remember
  4. For everyone who wants to take a longer journey home in the evening It was published today: At midnight on Saturday night, the Corona emergency brake comes into force - and makes traveling more difficult in large parts of Germany. The regulation not only affects staying in one place, but also travel from A to B, said a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior in Berlin on Friday. "That means, if you want to travel between 10pm and 5am on the occasion of a tourist trip, you should better rebook or reschedule."
  5. At that time I renewed the cables from the battery to the starter relay and from there to the starter with my PLC and took a larger cross-section suppose the SPS motor needs a lot of power and something goes to its knees