What Are Some Good Virtual Assistant Bots

The 7 characteristics of a good chatbot

Here you can find out how to recognize a good chatbot.

By mid-2016, companies had implemented over 11,000 Facebook Messenger bots to completely redesign customer service. But without success. Because consumers simply did not use the bots and the reason for this was quickly identified. The chatbots of that time lacked central functionalities that made the technical helpers uninteresting for the target group.

In the meantime, however, the chatbots are experiencing a revival in various industries. Technological advances in recent years have made them much more popular. But what actually belongs to a good chatbot and what makes it particularly useful for a company and its customers?

Chatbots on the rise in many industries

From restaurants to logistics companies, numerous industries now rely on chatbots. With technological progress, the smart helpers bring solutions for various aspects of daily life. For example, they provide support with product purchases or serve as the first point of contact for the customer service center.

Consumers themselves have played a major role in this development. They are looking for quick and interactive ways of solving a problem or getting a question answered. And chatbots based on artificial intelligence (AI) offer the ideal opportunity for this. Because the messenger services and AI assistants already allow intelligent communication between software and people. It is therefore not surprising that, according to a study, 29% of contact centers are currently or will be investing in chatbots in the near future. After all, companies have now learned a lot and now know what makes a good chatbot and how they can use it to promote the loyalty of their customers.

These 7 characteristics make a good chatbot

1. A good chatbot has a clear purpose

A good chatbot always has a specific goal that it should fulfill. Even if the virtual assistant becomes smarter through machine learning, this predetermined goal remains the core of its functionality. For a successful use you should therefore always make sure that the chatbot is doing what it is supposed to do. Everything else is just a bonus. The more specific its purpose, the more useful and efficient the chatbot is. Conversely, both companies and customers benefit from the bot to the maximum.

2. A good chatbot makes things easier

New technologies and automation have always been able to relieve people of repetitive activities. That is why technical aids should also make our lives as simple and uncomplicated as possible. This also applies to chatbots. For example, they offer users access to information about the company within a very short time, for which users would otherwise have to click through countless pages. This brings efficiency and enormous time savings for users.

3. A good chatbot has a human touch

For a better customer experience, the conversation with a chatbot should be as seamless and fluid as the conversation with a human. Regardless of whether you show the customer whether he is communicating with a chatbot or not. A certain human and personal touch should not be missing in the conversations between the customer and the chatbot. After all, a little humor and friendliness haven't hurt anyone. Most chatbots are even programmed to respond with a short delay. This imitates how a person thinks briefly before giving an answer.

4. A good chatbot is easy to use

The easier it is to use the chatbot, the more likely it will be used by customers. With a simple design and a simple interface, it is much more appealing for users who usually use a chatbot when they are in a hurry or on their mobile phones. A higher aesthetic at the expense of functionality is therefore out of place.

5. A good chatbot is precise and motivates the user to talk

A particular difficulty with chatbots is keeping the conversation right. On the one hand, the conversation with a bot should be short enough to get the message across. On the one hand, the chatbot must also motivate the user for the conversation until the goal - for example answering a question - is fulfilled. Above all, the chatbot should break down large amounts of information into several short messages that are easy to understand. In this way, the chat or conversation process also appears authentic. In the end, the user still gets his questions answered in the shortest possible time.

6. A good chatbot learns

When communicating with a machine, it is particularly frustrating if these statements are not understood or if they have to be repeated over and over again. A good chatbot is therefore capable of learning and can remember things that a user has told him. For example, if you have told the bot where you live, it will base its future responses on it and not provide any information that is irrelevant to the user. If a chatbot is capable of learning, the smart helper also appears much more authentic and is more likely to be used again in the future, as it provides personalized answers for users.

7. A good chatbot is networked in the company

A helpful chatbot is implemented in the entire company structure and connected to the CRM system. With this omni-channel approach, the chatbot can filter all customer-relevant information from the existing data records and give the user an answer. For example, if a customer sends an order number to the chatbot via the text field, the virtual assistant can call up the information about the order, such as the order status, and pass it on to the customer. He does not have to forward the customer to a support employee, as the bot can answer all questions about the order status using the data from the CRM.

Chatbots are here to stay

Many companies have learned from the mistakes of the past and are now relying on intelligent chatbot solutions with artificial intelligence. These virtual assistants have a number of key features that are extremely useful. You have now found out what these are in this article. It is therefore also clear that the virtual assistants will not disappear from our lives anytime soon.