How can I stop watching amateur porn

The first steps against addiction

End - enough!

It is enough! If that's what you think, you've come to the right place!

The dangerous thing about most addictive substances is that you don't realize yourself how dependent you are until it's too late. As soon as you notice that you simply cannot get satisfaction without porn, you should create a certain awareness.

There is no point in postponing the problem or misunderstanding it. So now you have to find your own ways to change the harmful state in which you find yourself.

What is the best way to proceed?

In order to do this, there are some tips and advice to follow in the beginning: First, it would be important to observe your own behavior closely (get help at home). This can be done e.g. through personal notes. (You can find out more in our free course) How often is porn watched? At what times When is the addiction pressure particularly high? It is enough to observe the behavior in relation to porn consumption for a week. This way you get an overview of how. you are actually addicted. (For the previous classification, go to the test here)

In the rehabilitation of addicts, one looks again and again to the situations in which one is particularly at risk of consuming. In the case of alcoholics, for example, this can be parties where you are constantly offered alcohol. So a certain context or state of mind can be particularly tempting to fall back into addiction. This fact can of course also be transferred to porn addiction. The motives for consuming the sex films also play a role. Do you have particular “pressure”, are you bored or is a certain thrill the main cause of addiction? Do you prefer to look at women on the Internet or do you meet women in real life? For many of those affected, registering at a dating site can help to get to know real women again.

If you ask yourself why, it is also easier to find the risky situations. If you become more aware of it, you can react better in the appropriate moments. It is important to break the patterns from the time of addiction. For example, if you often feel an urge to watch porn while sitting alone in the room at a later time, you can think of substitute actions and carry them out in a ritual manner. So if you imagine that the "Jieper" comes up in you and the automatic act of searching for pornographic films on the Internet does not occur, then that is already a success.

Substitute stimuli and reduction in stimuli

However, as a substitute you need meaningful actions that you internalize. These can be, for example, watching "normal" television films or a short sporting workout, which, by the way, can also reduce stress. When watching porn or masturbating, it is in the broadest sense also about releasing "pressure" or stress. Alternative activities that can also do this are particularly helpful at this point.

Another effective way to start quitting porn is something called "stimulus reduction".

Today's environment is full of a multitude of stimuli, all of which we cannot possibly process properly. The Internet is also full of stimuli: advertising here, information there, live ticker, photos and videos. And the sexual stimuli are also represented to a large extent. So how can you protect yourself from it?

It is undisputed that being exposed to sexual stimuli promotes addictive behavior immensely and allows it to remain constant. Well, for your own protection you can generally reduce the time spent on the Internet. We are constantly sitting in front of the PC and other activities are often neglected.

Either you leave the box off frequently, you set yourself strict plans as to when exactly you go there and what you do. Or you can introduce personal restrictions within the internet. These are easier to comply with if you block certain pages.

Usually the porn addict goes to a handful of websites where he can get what he wants. They can easily be blocked in the browser and are then no longer accessible. You have to stay focused and of course leave the pages on the blacklist so that you can achieve the desired effect. Above all, discipline is required here. Incidentally, this applies to the entire period of weaning and also to all addictive substances.

Constancy as the key to success

Constancy is an important key

Those who do not stick to the matter continuously and keep in mind what the positive consequences of quitting are, usually have little chance of success. A good way to defeat porn addiction is obvious: Finding a real sexual partner. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done; in some cases, addicts even have partners.

And if you understandably don't want to go to the brothel, it usually takes a bit of time. But if you try a lot, you will also succeed. What is meant here is not just sex itself, but primarily a partnership or intimate bond. So what are the steps to take to achieve this? Well, social interaction is the keyword here - and ultimately creating a healthy awareness. How is that supposed to work? With your own restart.

Or, when you're ready: go out, meet people, chat, be brave. From nothing, comes nothing. Anyone who travels a lot and comes into contact with people also increases the chances of finding a (sexual) partner. However, the Internet is not entirely unsuitable here. With certain online partner exchanges it starts again with images on the screen, but the digital portrait can quickly be in front of you in person.

The high chances of success on these portals have been scientifically proven and dating sites seem to have gotten rid of their sometimes dubious reputation once and for all. So you shouldn't hesitate long and look for a real woman with all the real characteristics of a woman in order to permanently get away from the harmful porn addiction and sexuality in the digital world.