Is Rowan Atkinson alive

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson, or the man who is Mr. Bean

It's such a thing with comedians. There are really only two options either you love a comedian and can barely stop laughing or you hate him and find his jokes just silly and bad. Rowan Atkinson belongs to the first category for most people and that explains his great success.

The Mr. Bean phenomenon

He is internationally known and loved, especially in the role of Mr. Bean. Like hardly any other comedian, the dark-haired Brit, who walks around clumsily and often wide his eyes, has managed to make a role his trademark. After all, who doesn't know the mostly mute Mr. Bean and his loyal companion Teddy? Whether on the school desk cheating, at the dentist's self-treatment, as an involuntary babysitter or trying to eat a sandwich with Mr. Bean, it never gets boring. The actor inspires his audience through his gestures and, above all, his facial expressions. So it is no wonder that Rowan Atkinson has been involved in numerous television and cinema productions in addition to the series about Mr. Bean over the last 30 years and that he himself makes the audience laugh as a personable clumsy guy in small supporting roles.
The funny Brit is a phenomenon that has delighted many generations so far. This page gives a little insight into the best films by Mr. Bean and also reveals a lot about the man behind Mr. Bean.

Rowan Atkinson: biography

From electrician to celebrated comedian

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson was born on January 6, 1955 in Consett, England. He grew up on their father's farm with his two older brothers Rodney and Rupert. After graduating from high school, he studied electrical engineering at Newcastle University and later at Queens College, Oxford. He discovered his talent for acting while studying at Oxford. Rowan Atkinson took part in performances by the theater company there, the Oxford University Dramatic Society. In Oxford, the comedian also met the later screenwriter Richard Curtis.

Actor and family man

After graduating, Atkinson devoted himself entirely to acting and participated in numerous productions. While working on the series Blackadder, he met the makeup artist Sunetra Sastry, whom he married in 1990. Best man was his fellow actor Stephen Fry. Rowan Atkinson is still married to Sastry and has two children, Lily and Benjamin. The family alternates between Northamptonshire, Oxford and London.

On the way to international success

Atkinson became internationally known in 1990 for the role of Mr Bean, a clumsy, curious man who, accompanied by his teddy, does not leave out a faux pas in everyday life and sometimes causes chaos in his surroundings. The character of Mr. Bean became the trademark of Rowan Atkinson. By 1994 he shot a total of 14 episodes. Despite this small number, the actor achieved cult status as Mr. Bean. As a result, two movies were shot about Mr. Bean's adventures and Rowan Atkinson appeared in various comedies. For example, in 1994 he played a clumsy pastor in Four Weddings and a Death, and in Love Actually, for which his childhood friend Richard Curtis wrote the screenplay, he was seen as a perfectionist jewelry salesman.

Cars are another of the comedian's passions. His collection includes a McLaren F1, an Aston Martin and an Audi A8. Atkinson also regularly takes part in races at the Aston Martin Owners Club with his Aston Martin.

Mr. Bean, the unlucky one

Some people seem to be haunted by bad luck in some mysterious way. If there is a puddle anywhere on their way, step into it. If a needle is stuck in a haystack, they'll hurt themselves on it.

Like no other, the British actor Rowan Atkinson embodies this unlucky fellow in the character of Mr. Bean, who doesn't miss a fool and holds his head out at every opportunity. But Mr. Bean's life is not that harmless - and the people around him don't always have it easy either.

The little red car

When Mr. Bean is in a hurry, he doesn't obey traffic rules. A running gag in one of his shows is the ride in a little red car. Every time Mr. Bean is in a hurry and comes across a light blue van on the way. The opponents meet three times. The blue car only drives on one side, lands again on all four wheels and then on the side of the road until a car tire flies through the air at the end of the show. Mr. Bean only focuses on his goal and tries everything to get there on time. He races without consideration and endangers himself and everyone else.

Experts describe this behavior as a traffic hazard, which can result in high claims for damages. Should there then be an accident with personal injury, it could even be rated as negligent bodily harm.

The demolator

Damage to property is also standard in Mr. Bean's repertoire. Of course, he's not going against things on purpose. But if a garbage can shortens the parking space or someone has to place a movable sign where the last free parking space is literally lurking, then these things are just ... bad luck. In any case, Mr. Bean didn't see her and just happened to knock her over.

But damage to property is not always so striking. If Mr. Bean picks up his colleague's apron and then uses the thread as a floss, that is not only questionable, but also damage to property. The same applies if he turns off the electricity at a disco because of his lovesickness. Then if something breaks ... oh, alas!

Not only does Mr. Bean turn off the electricity, he tinkers with anything that could burn his fingers. When he buys a television, he has to connect the cable to the connector. Anyone who observes him can expect a violent electric shock or a short circuit to cause damage. Later he "repairs" a boy's remote control for a boat. That works fine - but unfortunately an old lady's electric wheelchair also reacts to the signals from the remote control. Of course it falls out and of course the child ends up in the water.

So, at the end of his shows, Mr. Bean has a lot on the kerbwood. In addition to bodily harm and property damage, lawyers are bound to find even more crimes that unlucky people can commit without wanting to. But if they are determined to be the cause, they have to pay for the damage done - regardless of whether they did it on purpose or not. We can therefore only recommend anyone who has a tendency to such accidents to take out very, very good liability insurance. Otherwise, in an emergency, they would probably have to pay for the damage done for the rest of their lives.

The best movies as Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean and his films

Rowan Atkinson has taken on roles in various British series including the comedy show throughout his career "Not the Nine O'Clock News" 1979 or "Blackadder" 1982. As Mr. Bean Atkinson has been seen in two movies so far.

The ultimate slob

1997 came "Bean - The ultimate chaotic film" in the cinemas. In the film, Mr. Bean works as a clumsy museum employee in a British museum, whose colleagues are quite annoyed by his clumsiness. Bean is quickly transferred to the USA as an art expert, where he is supposed to help a gallery with the unveiling of a famous painting. But even in the USA, Bean is not doing very well and ensures that Langley, the curator of the American gallery where Bean lives during his stay, is abandoned by his wife and that his professional future depends on Bean's behavior. Of course, Mr. Bean again and again proves his clumsiness in the USA and spoils the valuable painting that the American gallery had just bought to the climax. The curator and Bean can prevent the really big scandal by exchanging the painting for a poster. Incidentally, Mr. Bean also wakes the curator's daughter, who was in a coma as a result of an accident, from the same and becomes the hero of the family.

Off to Cannes!

Ten years after Mr. Bean's first box office hit, came 2007 "Mr. Bean is on vacation " in the cinemas. In this film, the viewer accompanies Mr. Bean on his trip to the Cannes Film Festival. Of course, this trip will not succeed without turbulence either. Even in Paris, Bean had difficulties finding the right train station for his onward journey to Cannes. When he finally arrives at the right place of departure, his carelessness separates a father from his son Stepan. Out of necessity, Bean takes care of the boy. From then on, however, he was considered a kidnapper in the news. On the further trip to Cannes he messes up the lives of some people, but in the end everything clears up and Mr. Bean can enjoy his vacation on the French Riviera.