How is Ed Sheeran a tenor

Star tenor Andrea Bocelli kept waiting for his new CD for 14 years and worked for several singles with EdSheeran and DuaLipa. You can stream the works here.

16 new tracks
Andrea Bocelli is already 60 years old, still one of the most sought-after star tenors of our time and has appeared in the most famous operas in the world from time to time in the past. For 14 years, the exceptional Italian talent kept his fans waiting for a new LP, which has now been released, has 16 songs and goes by the name “Si”.

In addition to your own compositions, you can also find collaborations on the record with EdSheeran and DuaLipa, among others, which are said to have been recorded a while ago. Why he kept these singles for so long, the 60-year-old explained to “Entertainment Weekly”: “There are only seven notes, but tens of millions of songs. It is extremely difficult to find beautiful songs that people will hopefully be worth listening to. "

Listen to Andrea Bocelli's collaborations with Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa from his new album Si - Official Charts Company

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Great collaboration
About the song “IfOnly”, which was created with the British DuaLipa, said the star tenor in an interview with “The Sun”: “I love Dua's voice. It has a high recognition value and a lot of tension. "

And he had only said positive things about EdSheeran. “Ed, he has great determination and a lot to talk about. And he does it in an honest way. He's a great guy ”, Bocelli was quoted in conclusion and reportedly saying that they would have“ a mutual respect for one another, both artistically and personally ”. Sheeran himself also confirmed via Instagram that he had fun working with the star tenor, that he was allowed to write the song and sing it again in Italian.