Transfer Washington Drivers Licenses to Oregon

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I. General

When staying in the USA for up to one (1) year, it is possible to use the German driver's license to drive a vehicle. However, due to possible language barriers (the driver's license only contains entries and information in German), an international driver's license is recommended. Please read the separate leaflet "Tourists with a German driver's license: Driving without a driver's license?" On our website.

However, in order to continue to legally drive a car after this one year, it is imperative to have your German driver's license rewritten.

The area of ​​driver license issuance does not fall under the competence of the federal government in the USA. Rather, each individual state is solely responsible for the relevant rules and the handling can therefore be different. Some states have concluded agreements with Germany on the mutual recognition of driver's licenses in order to ensure uncomplicated transfer without a new practical and / or theoretical test. Of the New England states, these are only Massachusetts and Connecticut.

II. Requirements that, according to the information available here, must be met when applying for a German driver's license in all US states:

  • Proof of residence in the respective state (rental agreement, utility bill, etc.)
  • a driving license that is valid for at least 60 days in Germany
  • Passport or birth certificate
  • Proof of legal residence status in the USA
  • Social Security Number or confirmation from the Social Security Administration that there is no entitlement to such a number
  • current eye test
  • Pay a fee
  • current passport photo
  • Excerpt in English from the German Central Traffic Register (KBA)

III. Additional requirements for the paraphrase in the individual states:

1. Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, according to the information provided here, you will need the relevant local US authority, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, RMW, to convert (exchange) your German driver's license into a local driver's license, among other things.

  • a so-called "consular certificate" from the German Consulate General in Boston, with which the essential data of your German driver's license are translated
  • as well as a current register excerpt from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), Flensburg.

Please read more information on the required documents, the application process, making an appointment by telephone, deadlines at the responsible US driver's license office RMV at the following link: -country

How do you get the certificate?

You can obtain the “consular certificate” (called a “translation” by RMV) from the Consulate General upon request. Due to the restrictions due to COVID-19, the procedure was switched to the post. Please request the current information sheet from us by email. Please use the contact form on our website or send your request to [email protected]

Applications for the register excerpts required by the RMV from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) can be found on their website under the heading “Central Register” or you can download them here. The (free) issuance can be made from there in German and English on request.

Please note that the RMV requires that both the consular certificate and the KBA register excerpt are not older than 30 days when applying for the transfer.


RMV will withhold your driver's license issued in Germany after successful conversion and issue of a Massachusetts drivers license and forward it to the Federal Motor Transport Authority. As soon as you take your permanent place of residence back in Germany, submit a corresponding application to the driving license authority responsible for you and receive your German driving license back.

The Boston Consulate General is not a driver's license agency; You cannot apply to us and you cannot obtain a driver's license.

2. Connecticut

The theory test is at the discretion of the authority; according to the information available to us, this is not done.
Responsibility / information provided:
State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

3. Maine

Practice test and theory test: required
Responsibility / information provided:
Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)
29 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333
Tel: 207-624-9000

4. New Hampshire

Proof of the purpose of the US stay (details on the DMV homepage)
Responsibility / information provided:
New Hampshire Department of Safety
Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
Non-US Citizen Driver Licensing Office

5. Rhode Island

Practical test: required
Theory test: required

Information provided:

Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles
286 Main St
Pawtucket, RI 02860
Tel: 401.588.3020

6. Vermont

The need for a practical and theoretical test is at the discretion of the authority; however, if this is not done, the fees will still be charged.

Responsibility / information provided:

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (Main Office)
120 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05603-0001
Tel. 802.828-2000
[email protected]