Did Obama legalize same-sex marriage

Historic judgment in the USA : The Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage in all states

The highest US court has declared gay marriage legal in all 50 states. The American constitution guarantees nationwide a right to same-sex marriages, the judges ruled, according to the decision published on Friday. The previous bans in 14 states must be lifted. Currently 36 states as well as the Federal District Washington D.C. gay marriage.
President Barack Obama described the ruling as a big step on the way to equal rights for gays and lesbians. The decision of the Supreme Court, which was close to five to four judges' votes, is the greatest legal success to date for advocates of gay marriage in the USA. Five of the nine judges are considered to be more conservative, four as more progressive. According to media reports, thousands of supporters of gay marriage gathered in front of the courthouse in Washington. Shortly after the decision, they hugged each other and celebrated the groundbreaking decision.

At the federal level, the Supreme Court overturned a regulation in June 2013 that defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The so-called Law for the Protection of Marriage of 1996 stipulated that only heterosexual spouses were allowed to receive tax or inheritance benefits.


By a decision of the Supreme Court, gay marriage is legalized in all states of the USA. Should it now also be made possible in Germany?

So far, gay marriage is banned in 13 states, 37 states, however, equate homosexual and heterosexual partnerships. Same-sex couples have been suing the discrimination for years, and most of them got right. Last November, however, the federal appeals court for Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan upheld the ban on gay marriage. The contradicting judgments made a supreme court answer necessary. (dpa / AFP)

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