Why do some cats purr all the time?

Pets - How to correctly interpret your cat's purring

Cats are one of the Germans' favorite pets. When they feel good, be it during the daily cuddles or in the vicinity of their master or mistress, they often purr. The lovely hum can also have other reasons.

Cats also purr when scared

It already starts at birth: the cat mom purrs to control her pain and to use the vibrations to show her blind offspring the way to the teats. It is a form of self-regulation, because cats calm themselves down by purring. That is why some kitties hum at the vet when they are placed on the treatment table.

Hungry chicks purr too

The beloved chicks in particular have quickly learned that they can make their masters submissive. They also use the purr specifically to get what they want: food. When begging, cats mix higher meow sounds with the deep purring. The result: sounds similar to those of a crying baby. This is the result of an analysis by researchers at the University of Sussex.

By humming for self-healing

Cats not only calm themselves by purring, they also heal their bodies on a physiological level. The vibrations and oscillations generated stimulate the muscles and stimulate bone growth. Studies have shown that purring even stimulates the self-healing process for broken bones.

Effect on humans

In humans, purring has another healing effect: with a frequency of 22 to 30 Hertz, it has been shown to lower blood pressure and thus reduce the risk of heart attacks. Researchers at the Minnesota Stroke Institute even found that households with cats reduced the overall risk of fatal cardiovascular problems by 30 percent. In addition, purring causes us humans to reject the happiness hormone serotonin - it relaxes us and makes us happy. It can also help some people fall asleep.

Cozy time together is healthy

Cat owners love to cuddle up together with their velvet paws. To turn it into a ritual, you should find out what times of the day your cat is ready to cuddle and where it likes to lie, recommends the newly published cat magazine "Miau" (February-March 2019 edition).

Once you have found the perfect place to cuddle, you can make yourself comfortable with the purring kitten at a fixed time of day. The magazine has cuddly instructions for this: Take the cat in your arms so that its head is close to your ears or comfortably next to your head. It is ideal if the cat's chest lies on top of that of the owner. "Then you will feel the purring inside you," says the magazine. After all, this is healthy for both kitties and humans.

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