Why is sex education important

What is sex education good for in school?

Anette Cordes, social worker in the hospice, preacher hospital pastoral care,
There is no religious reason to refuse sex education in school. It is also not too early for them to find out about these things in class. It could even start much earlier. Education must take place to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and girls must be instructed so that they do not come under peer pressure. You don't want them to think they have to have sex to belong. It is also important that those who are informed are less likely to have reservations, be it against women or against homosexuals.

Paula Elobied, employee, German Muslim, single mother of two children, 7 and 5 years old:
It is important that children get to know their bodies and how they develop without them being ashamed. They should also learn that nobody should touch them. That protects them against sexual abuse. But this upbringing starts too early, children lose their innocence earlier than necessary. I am not against homosexuals. But I don't want children to be pushed in that direction. Of course, you need to know about contraception and how to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases. But I don't want my children to use this knowledge until they are married.

Veronica Koch, biology teacher at a high school
We don't influence the minds of the students. That would be illegal. We educate them and of course try to explain to them that people have different sexual orientations. We never try to encourage them to change their sexual orientation. Homosexual children should not suffer from the ridicule of their classmates. Information and discussions with the young people can help them treat one another with respect. Students should be able to ask questions without fear. We need to write to parents and invite them to discuss these issues before the class begins.

Sheikh Ferid Heider, Islamic preacher, runs a YouTube channel.
It is very important to protect children from any form of sexual exploitation. Adolescents in puberty need to know how to safely live their sexuality. However, Muslim men and women should only have sex in marriage. If some decide to take a different path, no one should prevent them from doing so. I am not against homosexuality being part of the curriculum. But I'm afraid that in the classroom the line between education and glossing over will be crossed. The spread of homosexual relationships threatens the family as an institution.

Julia Gerlach, journalist, mother of two daughters, 8 and 13 years old:
Yes, sex education starts very early, but curiosity is there too and they explore their bodies and those of their classmates too. In this respect, it is good if the teachers inform them. This is because the information that students at this age exchange with one another is usually not very precise. Sex education is also important for children so that they can develop a good relationship with themselves and be proud of their own bodies. This will help them have a happy sex life later on.