What is cognitive artificial intelligence

Focus on artificial intelligence or cognitive systems

The focus on artificial intelligence is carried out by the specialist areas of cognitive systems, smart environments and cultural informatics. Competencies in the areas of machine learning, cognitive modeling, image and language processing, semantic information processing and smart environments are taught. Logic and non-procedural programming can be credited from the area of ​​the fundamentals of computer science in the focus. The seminar "Artificial Intelligence" (WS) carried out jointly by KogSys and SME is ideal. In student projects, selected topics can be deepened through practical, research-oriented work in teams.

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Main focus in the Master AI

Subject examination regulations, Appendix 3

With a focus on "Cognitive Systems" you focus on cognitive science. Building on solid knowledge and skills in core computer science, you will expand your competencies through special and in-depth courses in applied computer science as well as in relevant related disciplines, in particular psychology, linguistics, philosophy and pedagogy.

The major in Cognitive Systems offers training in the field of cognitive science with a focus on computer science and artificial intelligence. Graduates are thus particularly recognized in the field of cognitive modeling. Areas of application can be found in all areas in which systems are developed that take specific properties of human information processing into account or individual users are to be modeled.