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How an affiliate slingshot celebrates traffic success through thousands of YouTube videos

When looking for new traffic sources, the affiliate slinger Clipadvise has apparently struck gold on YouTube. The company posts simple, automatically generated product videos on countless channels. Thanks to clever Youtube SEO in the niche, Clipadvise generates a lot of views and records an estimated 180,000 clicks on its own affiliate offers - via the video platform alone. We explain the strategy.

If you land directly on the Clipadvise page, you will quickly notice that this is a slightly different affiliate page. A central video on the “Deals of the Day” is integrated in a large format - be it women's shoes, men's jackets or children's watches with minions. These include the right products, some of which are also mentioned in the video. The links lead to Amazon, where Clipadvise then hopes for affiliate revenues. The model is known. But the way Clipadvise lures users to their own page in order to then send them to Amazon is extraordinary. Because of the central videos that users see on the site, thousands are buzzing around on hundreds of YouTube channels. And that's where the clicks come from.

The start page of Clipadvise

Automated Listicle Videos

According to the analysis tool Similar Web, Clipadvise recorded over 200,000 visits in May 2018 - 90 percent of the visits came via YouTube, which would only correspond to 180,000 visits from the video platform. But how does an affiliate clunk manage that? Christoph Burseg, founder of the YouTube analysis tool Veescore, discovered that Clipadvise operates hundreds of YouTube channels, on which mostly thousands of product videos are uploaded. These then always lead the user to a Clipadvise affiliate page.

The channels have names like "Best TV for You", "Men’s Fashion | Video Shop ”or“ Bedroom Furniture | Sleep Well! ”, On which 2,700, 4,100 and 4,500 videos were uploaded, respectively. In the analysis tool Veescore it can be seen that each of these and the other countless channels upload exactly 99 videos every day. This is the maximum number of uploads allowed on Youtube. The clips are always structured in the same way: They are always lists of the ten or five "best" projectors, mattresses or watches of a certain brand. At least the topics match the individual channels, the videos themselves are completely automated. A computer voice simply says little by little the respective product name and gives a price. Various product images are also shown. This is the only way that Clipadvise can record hundreds of channels with thousands of similar videos.

Niches bring Youtube SEO successes

The look of the videos is quite professional. The graphics look reasonably high-quality and the product images are "wiped through" in iPad style by a faded in hand. The automated Clipadvise videos could be described as well-made trash. The trashy content then also has correspondingly lousy click figures. Many videos have less than a hundred views, a few at least make it to over a thousand. With thousands of videos, that's enough to generate a corresponding total range for Clipadvise. The “Best TV for You” channel has more than 1.8 million views.

“Clipadvise optimizes the videos for little, little contested niches. Here, it is not difficult to rank in the Youtube search, but with manual videos it is not always lucrative. However, the automated approach makes it exciting, ”says Veescore founder Christoph Burseg. For search terms such as “Yamaha L85” (a stand for Yamaha keyboards), a video from Clipadvise ranks 3rd in the YouTube search. Also in the top 5 search results on the platform are clips from the affiliate site on niche products such as “ARLX” (drum sticks), “Schiller Big” (a tuba) or “Rosenice” (guitar stand).

"Youtube already has a lot of competition in the big topics: Buying an iPhone, Playstation, Porsche - but thanks to the huge long-tail and the good Google rankings of YouTube videos, there is also demand for many long-tail topics," says Christoph Burseg. But these would not be worthwhile if you invest too much money in the creation of manual content for each niche. With Clipadvise automation, however, the topic becomes exciting: “The creation costs are certainly well below five euros per video. A video like this pays off much, much faster, ”he says.

Clever click catchers

It's all well and good to capture a few users about good placements in niches, but how does Clipadvise successfully send these users to your own page? Under each video, in the description, there is a mandatory link to the product list shown in the video. In addition, Clipadvise uses very clever tools that YouTube offers for e-commerce purposes. On the one hand, there is a sidebar that appears when you click on a notice icon in the top right corner of the video. Here three offers from the respective product video appear in the picture. In videos in which this tool is integrated, a hint of a hand indicates that there is more information about the products and unbeatable deals here. If you click on one of the products in the sidebar that opens, you land on Clipadvise.

A second variant is a small information banner in the lower left corner of the video window. In a video about watches, the results page of the Amazon search for watch models from the manufacturer opens directly with a click. Clipadvise simply stores the affiliate link here. Again, a faded hand in the video knows to click the link to get more information. The whole thing works mobile too - here hands are even more useful as an explanatory element. The traffic generated in this way is likely to be highly transactional. Every user who clicks on one of the products has an interest in it and is at most taken to Amazon via Clipadvise - a trustworthy offer. Incidentally, through the partner model from Amazon, Clipadvise collects a percentage of each product price in the subsequently purchased shopping cart.

Youtube can hardly keep up with the deletion

Youtube doesn't seem to like Clipadvise's approach. The platform recently blocked dozen of channels such as “Amazon India | Best Sellers ”with a total of over 3.5 million views. “Only YouTube knows the exact reasons for the blockages. I guess in some cases brand rights were infringed on the channel names (e.g. 'Amazon' as part of the channel name) and in some cases Youtube could withdraw from the fact that they do not allow the use of automatic systems which 'access the website'. This can also mean uploading thousands of videos within a very short time, ”says Christoph Burseg.

The account “Amazon India | Best Sellers “was blocked after more than 3.5 million views (source: Veescore). Click to enlarge

Anyone who wants to access one of the blocked channels usually receives the error message: "This account has been terminated due to repeated or serious violations of YouTube's anti-spam guidelines, misleading practices and content or other violations of the terms of use." Apparently, however, the procedure of Clipadvise hardly. If a channel is blocked, three new ones will be built up and populated with 99 canned videos. As long as the strategy works, the unknown makers will not stop. Clipadvise does not have an imprint. The Whois query shows that the owner of the URL has registered via a proxy server and thus remains anonymous.