What is the pH of saliva

How do I determine my pH?

There are several methods of determining acidity. From complex clinical-chemical laboratory tests to our recommended self-tests with pH indicator test strips, which have an easily measurable pH scale.

Use the pH scale test strips

Get special test strips made from so-called indicator paper from your pharmacy. If you hold them in the urine stream, they change color depending on the acidity of the urine - from light yellow to dark blue. The colors are marked in the instructions with the acidity they represent. It is important that the strip is held in the so-called central stream of the urine.

It is therefore advisable to first let a small part of the urine run off before the test strip is then held in it. In order to obtain meaningful urine pH values ​​that provide reliable conclusions about the acidity of the body, the measurement should be carried out over several days and repeated at different times of the day. Measurements after meals should always be taken every 2 hours. The check should be carried out at least twice a day, ideally about 6 times a day.

The acidity of the urine fluctuates depending on the food, the psyche and the time of day. In parallel to the liver activity, more acids are excreted in the second half of the night. Therefore the 1st morning urine should show a slightly acidic pH value. This confirms that the acids that were formed in the metabolism during the night were actually excreted. Measurements should result in an up and down movement or a curve.

It doesn't necessarily matter how great the fluctuations are, but that fluctuations are there at all. This indicates that the body has a natural regulation of the acid-base balance. Constantly alkaline urine could indicate a massive disturbance in the organism.

Note: Are healthy urine pH levels

  • in the morning between pH 6.2 - 6.8
  • in the evening between pH 6.8 - 7.4

* With this pH test strip you can measure your urine pH.

Sander acid-base test

A much more reliable test is that according to Sander. We have described it in detail here: Base therapy

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