How do I help children affected by poverty

Help for affected children

Fight the causes of poverty

One way of fighting poverty is to eliminate its causes. Politicians are called upon to improve living conditions in a country, for example.

Governments should enable peaceful coexistence between different states, but also within their own population. Also should be a good school system to be developed. Then everyone would have children equal opportunities study at school and later find a job. But there must also be enough jobs so that everyone can work and earn enough money.

And if parents have problems of poverty themselves, they should support in raising their children. For example would have to enough kindergarten places then parents would have time for themselves or could go to work.

Help in developing countries

In developing countries it should be ensured that these countries are not dependent on richer countries and have no debt. With the money they have more, they could, for example, build schools or provide clean drinking water. Due to climate change, natural disasters that can plunge people into poverty are becoming more common. That is why everyone must help to protect the climate.

There are organizations that provide help in countries. For example, they help after natural disasters by feeding people in these countries and rebuilding their houses with them. They also ensure that there are enough doctors and nurses in the countries so that they can restore sick people to health.

Help for poor children in Germany

There are also organizations in Germany that help children in poverty. For example the German Children's Fund. It supports poor children - for example by giving them a vacation time or giving them a satchel. In some institutions, poor children receive a free hot meal or help with homework every day. It would also be of further help for children if the interests, wishes and needs of children were taken more into account by adults. Organizations such as the German Children's Fund also advocate this.