What is the budget of IPL

The FAQ on IPL hair removal: Everything you should know about "Intensed Pulse Light"

If you want to have permanently beautiful, smooth skin, you can usually not avoid professional hair removal in a beauty salon. Now a method for hair removal has come onto the free market that was previously only used by the beauty experts in the salon: IPL hair removal is the magic word that makes many women's hearts beat faster.

What is the IPL method?

It's actually quite simple and quite effective: IPL stands for "Intensed Pulse Light", ie hair removal with the help of light. This new technology is actually a further development of the laser hair removal method that has long been preferred in beauty salons. The IPL method not only removes the annoying hairs superficially but also tackles the problem at the root, so to speak.

The treatment is very similar to laser treatment: the hair roots are desolated so that the hairs do not grow back so quickly. The warm light impulses that are used for this purpose interrupt the growth cycle of the individual hair roots and thus ensure that the skin remains smooth and supple for a long time. The advantage over the previously used laser treatment is that IPL hair removal can destroy several roots at once. This saves time and ensures a particularly comprehensive result.

The light waves, which cover different spectra and are therefore suitable for different skin types, can be used after a shave or directly on the remaining hair. If the roots have been successfully deserted, the hair will fall out within a period of a few days up to three weeks, depending on the hair structure. The success is visible and, in the opinion of experts and many enthusiastic testers, permanent.

A little too much at once? Here the principle of IPL hair removal is explained again exactly in the video:

A small downer: Several applications are possible to guarantee reliable hair removal. The hair roots can only be efficiently destroyed when the cycle is just entering a growth phase. Usually only 20 to 30 percent of the hair is in the growth phase at the same time. About three to four applications are therefore necessary on average to achieve a perfect result. It also depends on the hair structure, the texture of the skin and the region of the body. So it can take a few weeks to achieve the perfect summer look.

The devices that are used for IPL hair removal at home are handy and only slightly larger than an epilator. We took a closer look at the seven top sellers this year at www.vergleich.org. Depending on the product and price category, the functions and the resulting results can obviously be quite different. The only way to do this is to browse the popular beauty forums or to study various reviews in depth.

Is IPL Hair Removal a Good Choice for Everyone?

As great as the new hair removal method sounds, like everything else, it should be treated with caution. Especially people with very dark skin shouldn't just get started, but rather seek advice from a professional again. If the skin is so dark that the hair does not stand out clearly, it can happen that the light treatment not only attacks the hair roots but also the skin itself. In an emergency, unsightly skin irritations or even damage to the skin's health can occur.

On the other hand, those who have very light hair may not be sufficiently enthusiastic about the result of the hair removal. Very light blonde, red or gray hair contains very little of the body's own pigment melanin, to which light therapy reacts. If there is not enough melanin in the hair, it is possible that the hair cannot be heated sufficiently by the light impulses to really become deserted. The result can be unsatisfactory hair removal.

So it can't hurt to have a skin and hair analysis carried out in the beauty salon before purchasing the device for IPL hair removal at home, which is currently still quite expensive. The little magicians for home use are currently still on the market for 400 to 1000 euros. For the price, the result should of course really be impressive.

Five good reasons for IPL hair removal

If you are still wondering whether switching to hair removal using Intensed Pulse Light is a good idea, here are five really good arguments for this new form of hair removal:

1. Bye bye annoying hairs for a long time

IPL hair removal ensures that annoying and unsightly hairs all over the body are visibly removed over the long term. Many other hair removal methods only work superficially. The success is therefore usually not long-lasting. Since overly frequent hair removals are bothersome and can irritate the skin, the superficial approach of many hair removals is an annoying topic. The perIntensed Pulse light method works on annoying and unsightly hairs directly at the root, inhibits their growth cycle and ensures beautiful, smooth skin for a long time.

2. Get rid of a few hairs quickly? No problem!

If time is short, but the beauty program is not to be left by the wayside, then solutions must be found that quickly lead to great results. IPL hair removal also creates visible results in a few minutes. Depending on the device used, it is possible, for example, to completely rid an entire arm or leg of unloved hair in less than ten minutes.

3. As beautifully cared for at home as in a beauty salon

A day in the beauty salon is always an experience. But there is often too little time for an extensive beauty program. Wouldn't it be great if hair removal from the beauty expert could now also be available at home? Intensed Pulse Light treatment is used in many beauty salons for permanent hair removal results. Now this special beauty program can be used very easily and at any time at home. Nevertheless, women should treat themselves to a visit to the beauty salon every now and then.

4. Expensive hair removal is a thing of the past

Anyone who values ​​permanently smooth skin has to do something about it on a regular basis. Professional hair removal can be very expensive. High-quality devices for IPL hair removal at home are currently still in the upper price segment on the market, but the purchase is still a real gain for the budget in the medium term. A quality product will serve you well for years and will soon pay for itself compared to regular visits to the beauty salon for professional hair removal. This leaves more budget for other wellness pleasures.

5. Gentle on the skin - hair removal doesn't have to be painful

Hand on heart: removing annoying and unsightly hairs can be quite a pain. From plucking to shaving to epilators, every method has its pitfalls. Regular hair removal is really not a pure pleasure. Anyone who has been torturing themselves with clenched teeth through hair removal for years will be pleasantly surprised by the Intensed Pulse Light procedure. The method is particularly gentle on the skin and can be performed with almost no pain. In the case of IPL hair removal, warm light is used, which acts on the hair roots. The hairs are neither torn out nor cut off. The process is also ideal for sensitive areas such as the bikini line.

Are you convinced? We are totally into IPL hair removal and would even recommend it to our best friend. So summer can finally come.