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Judgment Page 4. Everything for your health! Memory Decisions Can Stutter A Taboo Subject? Chaos life in disorder


1 Everything for your health! Concentration and short-term memory training EXTRA: CHILDREN'S SIDE EXERCISES FOR PARENTS & CHILDREN October 2015 Memory Being able to make decisions Stuttering A taboo subject? Chaos Living in Disorder For you: Your pharmacy will pay for it. Judgment Page 4

2 04 23 THEMES 32 3 Meaning: rasping liquorice 4 Memory training The ability to make judgments can be learned 9 Fit tip: The inner smile makes you relaxed 12 Word salad in the brain New programs against illiteracy Visit us on Facebook at: 18 History of pharmacy: German Pharmacy Museum 22 Competition 2 2 musical tickets for »starlight EXPRESS« occupational disease skin cancer 2 fit for the head 10 / stuttering Still a taboo subject? 32 Living in chaos Messie Syndrome 40 Did you know? Couples fatter than singles? Virtual twin 41 Book tip The secret of agelessness 42 With fine tuning to the network 48 Rock clover "seals"

3 TRAINING Exclusively from your pharmacy Photo: Orlando Bellini / Fotolia 7 Warm-up 1) Search for GRAPES 2) Every second digit 3) Anagram 8 Zodiac signs 9 Awakening exercise 10 Dragon calculation Autumnal word bridges 11 Autumnal chaos of letters 14 Looking for cities Symbol explanations 15 Drawing mandala 16 Weight question total 10 The word in the word 17 Memo exercise, part 1 The small difference 20 Bulky shopping October Day of German Unity 24 Mistake Devil 25 Tracing a line 7 Counting optimism 26 Word search puzzles beginning and end 27 Word rings Calculating cluster 28 Picture puzzles Weekday searched 29 Vocabulary training Unusual arithmetic task 30 Squares count 31 colors 34 Exactly 10 memory exercise part 2 35 Reading backwards "st" at the end Brain games, riddles and riddles for children 36 Octopus Find the 8 mistakes! 37 Funny Car License Plates Why is New Zealand not part of a continent? 38 A broken up saying from big to small 39 Following Halloween lines 43 All gold 43 Unusual spelling 44 Wrong letters number wanted 45 Solutions 46 Solutions 47 Solutions and imprint The meaning behind the saying Liquorice rasps What is used today as a synonym for Schöntun has a true one Background. The purple blooming perennial Glycyrrhiza glabra has been valued as a remedy for inflamed wounds and ulcers since the Middle Ages. To do this, the root was rasped. However, it was also used to make confectionery. Liquorice is still made from it today. Since sweets were not easily affordable in the past, delicacies made from grated liquorice were a means of "sweet bribery" in hand, hence the saying. 3

4 Subject memory training The ability to make judgments can be learned Is it worth the admission fee for the new movie? Should I move into a bigger apartment? Do I have to set my watch forward or back an hour now in October? Should I allow my 17 year old daughter to have a piercing? Again and again we get into situations in which we assess a situation and have to decide on one option or the other after weighing up all known facts. This is not always easy, but judgment can be trained. This is what the experts at the Bundesverband Gedächtnistraining e.v. (out. Data in context The ability to form a judgment is more topical than ever in today's time of constant innovations in information technology. "So that knowledge arises from media information," explains Dr. phil. Andrea Friese from the Federal Association Memory training ev, "These data must be evaluated and put into context. Only through the power of judgment one is able to correctly assess what has been learned and put it in a context." Photo: alphaspirit / fotolia 4

5 Coat of arms of the city of Nuremberg, drawing David Liuzzo 2008 Exclusively from your pharmacy Exercise 1 Background: ag visual, monster: ludimir, tablets: digital press, egg: valeriy555, all Fotolia. Coat of arms: David Liuzzo / wikipedia. Training in a group During group training, certain issues and questions are considered together and an attempt is made to find a solution. Various options must be checked and compared with existing information: Do I know something similar? In what context have I heard of it before? However, the exercises do not aim to query knowledge. The aim is to promote the fun of thinking, arouse interest and curiosity and enable aha experiences. In the group, the participants can look for solutions together and discuss the results, but they can also create and contribute their own exercises. Think about and decide which of the following answers apply: 1) What is the Nuremberg Egg? a) A genetically modified food: In 2003 a cholesterol-free egg was developed in Nuremberg b) An old Franconian specialty: eggs with black pudding and onions c) First pocket watch with spring mechanism (around 1515 by Peter Henlein) 2) What is a lamprey? a) An eel-like fish. One eye, the nostril and seven gill slits on each side of the body make it look nine-eyed on both sides. b) Part of a solar system, the planets are arranged like pairs of eyes c) A relative of the five-eye d) A Christmas cookie from Hesse, decorated with nine almonds 3) What is a pill turner? a) Austrian expression for a pharmacist b) A scarab beetle that makes balls from manure that it serves as food. c) Microorganisms in the Nordic waters of the Arctic Solutions exercise 1: 1 = c, 2 = a, 3 = b head-fit 10/2015 5

6 Subject Memory Training The ability to make judgments must grow The ability to make decisions depends on the level of development of the cognitive functions. The phase of intellectual maturity does not begin until around six years old, in which the child can increasingly control himself and learn for the first time in a targeted manner. The developing frontal lobes facilitate logical den- Exercise 2 What are these macro shots? knowledge, judgment and appropriate behavior. In elementary school, skills such as making decisions, but also assessing the consequences of an action, are added. From then on, children can be expected to act systematically: first do their homework, take out the garbage can and then meet their friends. In the community with their peers, they discover their strengths and weaknesses, negotiate goals together, and benefit from each other. They learn to accept other opinions and ideas and in this way sharpen their judgment. Maintaining self-determination The clinical picture dementia encompasses more than just a memory disorder. Especially in the initial phase, people with dementia are still able to make judgments and memory training is possible. The longer the person concerned is able to make decisions and make judgments, the more time there is to decide on their own life planning. Solutions to exercise 2: 1) crepe paper, 2) dandelion, 3) wood, 4) razor blade, 5) sheep, 6) toadstool 6

7 Warm-up To start a sequence of exercises, you should always do warm-up exercises. This brings your brain up to "operating temperature" and makes it easier for it to solve more demanding tasks. 1 GRAPES - Search The word GRAPES has to be searched for in a large number of similar looking words. Practice blocking out unimportant information and focusing your concentration on a very specific aspect. How often is the word grapes hidden? ec exclusive of your pharmacy a) RAPE DOVE LEAF GRAPE LAUGE HOOD RAPE LEAF GRAPE FEEL b) TRAUERTRAUBENHAUSBAUMTRAUBENSCHAUERFRAUTRAUBENFRAUENUMTR AUBENSCHAUERFR AUTR AUBEN c) CHILL LEAF FENCE GRAPES SPACE DREAM GRAPES JAM TREE BUY RAUMTRAUMTRAUBENSTAUBA d) TAUBENTRAUBENLAUERBRAUTTAUBESCHLAUTRAUBENHAUSBAURAUBAUBESCHLAUTRAUBEN e) RAUSSCHAUPAULKRAULENAULATRAUBENMAULTAUBETRAUBENAUSTERAUBEN 2 Each second digit concentration and endurance are required during this exercise. They train your working memory and thus your ability to briefly keep information in your mind for as long as it is needed. Add up every second digit in the row of numbers and note the result at the end of the respective row. Start is always with the green number. a) b) c) d) e) f) Anagram m Activate your vocabulary by creating new words from the letters in GRAPE JUICE. Only the letters that appear in grape juice may be used for each word. Search at least 20 terms. Rabe example head fit 10/2015 7

8 signs of the zodiac% *! & $ - 2 & (*% = = The zodiac signs Libra &, Scorpio *, and Sagittarius (are assigned to autumn. Just try to find out how often they appear in this confusion of the zodiac signs with your eyes, so without scratching it off. fit 10/2015 (= # (&) * 6 & $ = - = (! (- * # 6 Background: artbaggage / fotolia

9 Awakening exercise In each line, the blue number or the blue word is hidden once forwards and once backwards. The quick search makes you alert and alert. CORN HARVEST WIND 7493 colorful 8201 FIT TIP ISGMHIUHMAIBFGAJHBÖAÖKMAISHSIAMJBAJHZGAVCNBGDWBÖAÖKMAISHSIAMJBAJHZGAVCNBGDW uheuefvfhejwbuntldjegekagwrtevcnvmborurhandeuefrülejetzfftnubvfngwrtevcnvmborurhand f j b f ff GDIEIRBFJERNTEKEJNVBEHERNOFJEBEENPIZETNREBVDTSIG LDJKHEBEHRPDNIWMWANMVLPEBWINDMNDEIEUTGFJLSJDBH The Inner Smile makes left Photos: contrastwerkstatt / fotolia, atoss / fotolia yourself smile at yourself? That's fine. The "Inner Smile" exercise of Tao Yoga brings about relaxation for body, mind and soul. And this is how it works: Take a comfortable posture, possibly close your eyes, take the tension off your face and, starting with the head, send a smile to all the organs inwardly, one after the other. Carefully feel the resulting feeling of harmony and satisfaction. Kopf-Fit 10/2015 9

10 Dragon Calculation Expand your memory so that it can be used to its full potential. Double the sum of the numbers in the red dragons and subtract the sum of the numbers in the yellow dragons. The task is more demanding if you are working without pen and paper. Autumnal word bridges Fill in the gaps with suitable words. The word you are looking for matches the left term at the back and the right term in front. All of the solutions have something to do with autumn. The number of letters is given by the lines. The letters on the red lines give a description of the autumn season when read from top to bottom. Example house - master - singer = house master and master singer 1) steering cord 2) beard field 3) salt sack 3 4) place shower 5 5) dining tree 6) ornamental soup 7) fall saw 8) floor bench 9) vortex warning Photo: Kzenon / Fotolia 10 Head Fit 10/2015

11 Autumnal chaos of letters A trained ability to perceive and concentrate makes it easier to process information. In this swarm of letters, cross out the letters of the following words one after the other as quickly as possible: storm lows, harvest thanksgiving, chestnuts, cornfield, asters If you put the remaining letters in the correct order, you will get an autumn solution word. nbmentsaifostnadse tr rknmle O naikstetufkeriaartdee Carefree GESUND For everyone who wants to know more about their health ... Prevent diseases now Healthy diet and great recipes Stay mentally fit Alternative medicine and naturopathic knowledge Everything about healthy exercise and sport Relaxation and wellness Now for free at: Photos: prime1001, Gudellaphoto. All Fotolia competition task for page 22 SorglosGesund is a media offer from S & D Verlag GmbH

12 What Hans doesn't learn, Hans can very well achieve in terms of reading and writing. Even those who only train these skills as an adult have a good chance of success. Functional illiteracy affects 7.5 million people in this country, whose shame and suffering are great. Psychologists from the Otto Friedrich University in Bamberg have now developed training programs against the "word salad" in the brain. Photo: Sergey Nivens / Fotolia 12 Head Fit 10/2015

13 Figures: BNW Difficult everyday life Activities in everyday life pose a great challenge if one cannot read or write. The walk to the mailbox is fraught with panic, important letters and mailings disappear unread in the drawer, which often leads to trouble later. Since even simple words remain encrypted, functional illiteracy (total illiteracy does not exist in Germany thanks to eight years of compulsory schooling) affects all areas of life. Bus and train travel times, signs, product descriptions cannot be read, and important signatures cannot be made. Professional activity or training is only possible with difficulty. Job-specific manuals can be downloaded free of charge from the Bildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft ggmbh at: Neurobiological causes Until now, the complex interplay of personal, family, school and social conditions has been seen as the reasons for this type of performance restriction. This is often preceded by long absenteeism from school, negative experiences at home and school, or psychological stressful situations. In addition, Bamberg scientists recently discovered that functional illiteracy has not only social but also neurobiological causes. “Nerve cells that are responsible for auditory perception are less developed in those affected. They cannot distinguish between acoustic stimuli, which often last only milliseconds, ”explains Dr. Jascha Rüsseler. »Similar sounding sounds like ba, pa, ta and da are hardly recognized. However, this is a basic requirement for good reading and writing skills. «Programs for adults The researchers created two programs: AlphaPlus and AlphaPlus Job. The latter is tailored to working participants and contains vocabulary exercises specifically for a specific professional group. Audio trainers, devices that train the perception of optical and acoustic stimuli and the differentiation of similar-sounding sounds are used. The Orthofix computer program is used to practice hearing, speaking and the correct spelling of a word. The lateral trainer (sounds travel continuously from one ear to the other via headphones) improves the cooperation between both halves of the brain. With these programs, the area in the brain that is involved in the rapid and automated recognition of words can be activated significantly more, and reading and writing skills improve. ”This increase is one for the adult brain, which is learning to read and write anew enormous achievement «, says the psychologist. Head fit 10 /

14 cities wanted Knowledge and a well-stocked vocabulary are required here. Go on a search for 10 monosyllabic city names. It can also be more. Rome The feeling of how difficult an exercise is is very individual. One finds math problems fundamentally difficult, the other has problems with word exercises. Therefore, the exercises are not divided into degrees of difficulty, but into categories: The information processing speed (IVG) is a basic size of the working memory. It indicates how quickly information can be understood and then processed. It is the individual reaction time to new things. The memory span is the second basic size of the main memory. This is the period of time in which information is deliberately available in the working memory. Logic (ancient Greek: thinking art) trains you to draw reasonable conclusions. Attention / concentration trains you to focus your thoughts on a task and not to wander. Knowledge trains the recall of what has been learned from memory. Creativity stimulates the imagination and “thinking around the corner”. Actively trains the cooperation of both sides of the brain with movement exercises. Speed ​​indicates that the exercise should be completed quickly. Vocabulary and language-bound thinking Photo: davis / fotolia 14 Kopf-fit 10/2015

15 Painting a mandala Stress impairs memory. In order for your brain to function well, it needs periods of relaxation. Discover mandala painting to calm down. Find a place where you are undisturbed and just start painting. Start on the outside and paint towards the center. Mandala: Anton Shpak / Fotolia The important thing is not the result, but rather the painting and the time with yourself! Head fit 10 /

16 Exclusively from your pharmacy 6 4 Weight question, total 10 Observe the distribution of the fruits on the first two scales. These are each in equilibrium. On the basis of these specifications, you can now find out by logical conclusions what needs to be placed on the right side of the fourth scale. Attention: You only have apricots and raspberries available and you want as few fruits as possible, but still both types to be on the scales. Train your speed of thinking and seeing the details. Underline all the numbers next to each other, the sum of which is 10. The word in the word Find at least 15 words in which the little word "I" is hidden in the middle. Example? 16 Kopf-fit 10/2015 Illustrations: peacock71 / fotolia weight

17 Photos: Andres Rodriguez, Minerva Studio, drubig-photo, contrastwerkstatt All Fotolia Memory Exercise Part 1 For some people it is particularly difficult to remember names of people. Names are abstract and therefore saving and retrieving them can sometimes cause problems. Now memorize the names, the occupation and the place of residence of the following 4 people. Then count backwards in steps of 5 from 50 to 0. Then turn to page 34. Example Beate Kummer teacher Braunschweig 1) Lina Vogt nurse Stuttgart 2) Peter Klein engineer Bonn Tip: à Beate looks sad. She is grieved because her brown-haired students just sit there in silence. 3) Hanna Hellmann florist Bremen 4) Dietmar Kunze roofer Augsburg Try to transform the information about each person into a little story that you can imagine as vividly as possible in your mind's eye. The small difference You can quickly see one or two differences in the pairs of lines. HbF4w29 HbFAw29 8ksT6vu 8KsT6vv K6f3a9d K9f3a6d 7dF92gJ 7dE92gJ 3wt2Grp 3wf2Grp Jm3gtLa Jn3gtLa 4dRphöS 4bRqhöS NmV2gfU bhhv746 head

18 History of Pharmacy German Pharmacy Museum What knowledge, what equipment and resources were pharmacists available in the past centuries? From what were healing substances extracted, how measured, stored and cataloged? You can find clear answers to these questions in the Heidelberg German Pharmacy Museum. It was founded in 1937 as a non-profit foundation and opened in Munich in 1938. From the building that was destroyed in World War II, it moved to Bamberg in 1943 and then to Heidelberg in 1957. In ten rooms of the Heidelberg Castle (in the Ottheinrichsbau, Ludwigsbau and Apothekerturm) the museum today presents its extensive collections on the subjects of the pharmacist's workplace and medicines from antiquity to the 21st century. Herbs and curiosities The large collection of medicinal products illustrates the division of resources from the 17th to 19th centuries from the 18 Kopf-fit 10/2015 The German Pharmacy Museum in Heidelberg Castle Mineral, animal and plant kingdom. While many herbs are still used in medicine today, some exhibits can certainly give visitors goose bumps. These include, for example, bezoar stones, clumps of swallowed hair and plant fibers. Cut and processed as jewelry, they should protect against poisoning. Just as curious is the mummy powder (Mumia, ground Egyptian mummy), which was still used until the 1920s, and which was obtained against many ailments from headache to gout attack. Photos above: Wikimedia / Reinhard Wolf, below: Wikimedia / Bullenwächter

19 photos above: Wikimedia / avi1111 green pharmacy, ol: C. Schäfer, Mannheim / Dt. Apotheken Museum, Heidelberg, around: Wikimedia / AKAWÜ Exhibits: Medicines, 18th century, with teeth from various animals (left), bones from Rabbits (male) and a toad powder. From market place to workshop The original pharmacy furnishings from three centuries are a magnet for visitors. The pharmacist's workshop (lat. Officina) developed from the medieval marketplace stand, into which, for a long time, customers were only allowed to look through a window. The drugs were being prepared on the large table. Since the room was visible, the pharmacies presented themselves with the most splendid furnishings possible, from excellent furniture to fine ceramic vessels, prescription devices and artful pharmacy exhibits: pharmacy of the Benedictine monastery in Schwarzach, around the landmark. You can also look into a herb chamber and the laboratory in the apothecary's tower with lots of equipment. Exhibit: Homeopathic pocket pharmacy owned by Samuel Hahnemann (), founder of homeopathy. Don't just look! The museum, run by a foundation and supported by the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations, offers not only its exhibitions, but also an extensive get-together program for all ages. If you want, you can make ointments yourself, roll pills and the children's pharmacy is all about fragrances and tea mixtures. It is definitely worth taking a look at the range of programs on offer. German Pharmacy Museum Heidelberg Castle Heidelberg Phone:, Kopf-fit 10 /

20 Bulk purchase You have made a bulk purchase and wrote a shopping list with 30 items. As you unpack at home, you realize that you only have 26 items in your basket. Train your concentration and the quick recognition of facts by comparing the two lists. Which items did you forget? The level of difficulty can be varied. The exercise becomes easier with swabs. If you only search with your eyes, your brain is challenged more. Shopping list: flour, butter, tomatoes, eggs, yogurt, salt, soap, curd cheese, chewing gum, magazine, milk, lemons, leeks, pencils, bananas, napkins, chocolate, fish, mayonnaise, capers, oil, coffee, pineapple, lettuce, Rice, salami, hand cream, biscuits, dog food, and potting soil Items purchased: Soap, pineapple, fish, dog food, potting soil, eggs, salami, yogurt, capers, bananas, lemons, rice, oil, butter, tomatoes, hand cream, flour, magazine , Quark, coffee, salt, pencils, chewing gum, chocolate, mayonnaise, napkins Photos: atoss, Marius Graf, PhotoEd. All Fotolia. 20 Head Fit 10/2015

21 October 3rd Day of German Unity Since 1990 October 3rd has been a national holiday in Germany. Are you activating your long-term memory and trying to remember or deduce which events also happened on October 3rd? 2 What was opened at Alexanderplatz in Berlin in 1969? 1 Which SPD politician became the governing mayor of West Berlin in 1957? 3 Who was elected German Chancellor in 1976? 4 Which CSU politician died in Regensburg in 1988 at the age of 72? Background: fsunnys / fotolia; Photo: Taxiarchos228 / wikimedia 6 In which city was the magician Roy Horn attacked and seriously injured by his white tiger during his show in 2003? 5 Which German actor (Die Feuerzangenbowle) died in 1994 at the age of 92? Head fit 10 /

22 Competition 2 2 musical tickets to be won »starlight EXPRESS« The tracks light up, stunt skaters fly over the stage at 60 kilometers per hour. And the moment when Rusty faces the legendary »starlight EXPRESS« has moved millions of viewers to tears. For 27 years, the family musical based on Andrew Lloyd Webber has been telling the story of the dream in which locomotives come to life. The show on roller skates continues with a new light and laser show. If you would like to win 2 musical tickets, send us the answer to the riddle on page 11 and the keyword »Electra« on a postcard with sufficient postage to: ... or by with the subject »Electra« to: S & D Verlag GmbH Contest Kopf-fit PO Box Geldern Conditions of participation: Submissions by fax cannot be considered. Multiple submissions by a participant lead to exclusion. Employees of S & D Verlag and their relatives are not allowed to take part in the raffle. In case of multiple correct submissions the lot will choose. The closing date for entries is the end of the month (postmark applies). Prizes are non-transferable and will not be paid out in cash. In the event of a win, the participants agree that their data may be passed on to the competition partner in order to send the prize. We will notify winners in writing. The judges' decision is final! The prizes were donated by: mehr-entertainment 22 Kopf-fit 10/2015 Occupational disease skin cancer Anyone who works a lot outdoors has an increased risk of skin diseases. Years of UV exposure can lead to chronic light damage to the skin, which occurs primarily on the face, neck, hairless scalp or forearms and the back of the hands. Employees in agriculture and forestry, in shipping and fishing as well as in the construction industry are particularly affected. Actinic keratoses and squamous cell carcinomas are recognized as occupational diseases if work-related increased UV exposure can be assumed to be the cause. The accident insurance company then pays the costs for necessary and sensible measures in the context of optimal care. This also includes treatment procedures, the costs of which are not covered by statutory health insurances. If the job has to be changed due to the illness, the accident insurance will also cover further training or retraining measures. Photos: Starlight Express, Kara / Fotolia

23 Is stuttering a taboo subject? Stuttering, this flow disorder usually appears for the first time before the age of six. It often persists into adulthood. The trigger is probably an incorrect cooperation between the two halves of the brain. Good prospects for improvement Sufferers are under constant pressure to be the center of attention and then not be able to speak clearly. This stress causes a high tension of several muscle groups up to visible cramps. Increased efforts with failure can lead to avoidance tactics or exacerbation of symptoms. Stutterers who increasingly avoid encounters out of fear or shame quickly become socially isolated. However, this can be prevented with early therapy. Various relaxation methods and vocal techniques in combination with singing, reading and breathing exercises achieve good results (information on this under de, Exercises for mouth and tongue in speech therapy. Important acceptance Anyone who meets stuttering people would do well to let them finish. It helps to signal calmness and to keep eye contact. Most of those affected find the supposed salvation by completing the words and sentences offensive, as do well-intentioned calming phrases. Head-fit 10 /

24 Error devil Here the error devil has struck and interspersed an error in every line of Wilhelm Busch's autumn poem (). Read carefully and correct the wrong words. This not only trains your concentration, but also your feeling for language. In autumn The beautiful summer passed away, The rich autumn moved into the ribbon. Now all the good spiders live. Some of my festive clothes. They weave the vultures of the day. With artfully practiced winter leg dance, the loveliest elven veils. As decoration for the cradle, hallway and grove. Yes, a thousand silver threads lift the bark for easy play, They gently aim and float to the unconsciously determined ornament. Background: drubig-photo, sheets: Smileus / Fotolia We move into the wonderland, Where blows shyly at the beginning, And a gentle hand gently links the slate with the shepherdess. 24 Head Fit 10/2015

25 Trace the line A steady hand and patience are the qualities that are required here. Hold the pen in the hand you are used to writing and trace the line as closely as possible. Here it is not a question of speed, but of tracing as precisely as possible. Optimism An optimistic outlook on life also has a positive effect on memory performance. Find out what Winston Churchill () said about optimism. The letters were arbitrarily capitalized and lowercase, the words contracted and a few digits were interspersed. Photo: AKI's Palette / Fotolia an opti6mist sees an opportunityin a2difficultyin5pessi8mist sees3difficulty in every opportunity count How often does the number 7 appear when you count from 410 to 510? Solve the task in your head only, without pen and paper. That demands the gray cells even more. 7 head fit 10 /

26 Word search puzzle In this search puzzle 10 terms are hidden that are related to autumn. The terms can be hidden horizontally, vertically and also diagonally. To look for are: chestnut, pumpkin, dragon, storm, vintage, Indian summer, beechnuts, Oktoberfest, foliage, Thanksgiving PLVLIUSNBKEGXO Ö KLAJOFTVWSYIDKPAIKUXP IQEIJSZTUSJ Ö Ö BOSLXQIGXOWTINCSCNNQB L Ö BBXALTWEIBERSOMMERNWS BEZL Ü Ö LNMMRJIVYWKVKV Ö Ä JEAFPEWDRACHENRRF Ö EGNVBUCHECKERNYSFXZAQ DRSTURMVCTPFGL Ö VERNTEDANKK 1 3 beginning and end The search is for the two letters that match the beginning or the end of the specified middle of the word. Don't give up too quickly if you don't come up with the solution right away. Your brain benefits from this challenge. Example M UN D M ON D M IL D M OR D ONN UPP AHN EIF RAU LAT IES RET 2 4 IE AH EI AN AS OS ÜN UF 3) Photos: byrdyak / fotolia, maram / fotolia, LoggaWiggler / Pixabay 26 Kopf-fit 10/2015

27 word rings The brain always wants to be challenged. earth. The more diverse the racks it works. The word rings Word rings bring you worthwhile tasks, the better you work. You can add the missing letters to the "brain-fitness-studio". Complete. The reading direction Reading direction can be adjusted in order to be able to read the four words. go left or right. E 2 N K I K L 1 S E I B R F A N E A S T U Background: K.U. Häßler, Photo: eyetronic Alle Fotolia A L L 2 Rake grape The delicious grapes are now being harvested again. You can also reap spiritual freshness by filling in the rake cluster. Each field should contain the sum of the numbers in the two fields above. In the two fields on the far left and on the right there is the same value as in the field diagonally above head fit 10 /

28 Picture puzzles Convert the pictures into words and change them according to the specifications. Lined up in a row, an object results that hardly anyone can do without nowadays = K Weekday wanted A good ability to think logically helps you to grasp facts quickly and to recognize existing relationships. Intensive reflection and weighing up possible solutions takes time. Therefore, do not give up the search for the solution too quickly. Just try again at a later time. Today is Tuesday. It was my birthday recently. That was three days before the day after the day before tomorrow. So what day was my birthday? Photos: stokkete, besjunior, preto_perola, Africa Studio, Serhiy Kobyakov. All Fotolia. 28 Head Fit 10/2015

29 Vocabulary training Sometimes you are looking for a word, it is almost on the tip of your tongue and yet it does not occur to you. Word finding exercises help against this. They make us aware of our own active and passive vocabulary. Now think about how many FELDER you know. Find 10 ways. Example soccer field Unusual arithmetic problem Enter new mental territory more often, for example with this arithmetic problem. It was written exclusively in text form. What is the result? The point-before-line rule does not apply here. If you solve the task without pen and paper, your upper room will be particularly challenged. Seventy-one minus eighteen times two plus fourteen divided by four plus five times three minus seventeen Photos: Hans, Gaertringen, struppi0601. All Pixabay. Head fit 10 /

30 Photo: Klinik am Steigerwald Photo: Techniker Krankenkasse Counting squares exclusively from your pharmacy Train your perception and find all the squares that are hidden in this figure. Watch out! There are more than meets the eye. More reading tips from your pharmacy Frau & Gesundheit The wellness magazine about family and health, nutrition and fitness, psyche and lifestyle. Naturopathy & Health The practical guide for natural living and healing. Our best friends The animal magazine about pet health, nature and with animal puzzles. Rätsel-aktuell For the amateur puzzlers and competitive athletes among the advice friends, plus articles and tips for well-being. Sudoku-special Tricky number puzzles and lots of health tips. 30 Fit for the head 10 / THE MAGAZINE FOR MODERN WOMEN Keep your posture page 8 Everything for your health! Causes and Treatment of Back Pain Teeth Implants Need Care Heart Warning Signs Atrial Fibrillation Eyes Double vision and headache Guess and win! no n! New every month! 10 1 DVD box Advice & family Self-love as the key to personality page 18 Current & revealed Fragrances awaken memories page 30 Kitchen & indulgence Kitchen happiness with pumpkin page29 The gentle medicine from your pharmacy Good night! What promotes sleep? Page 22 This magazine pays for your pharmacy This issue was paid for by your pharmacy October 2015 Everything for your health! Sport Appropriate training Rheumatism Always moving Eyes Stress from smartphones Sudoku Special v03.indd: Exclusively from your pharmacy Unloved roommates House dust mite allergy Page 06 TCM More than acupuncture! was paid for by oto of the month: Raccoon dog u, furry and n Animal & Pharmacy Science & Research: Healing with pulsating magnetic fields This issue was paid for by your pharmacy Participate and win! 10 1 Internet Guide Up-to-date: dog eyes need care October 2015 Sudokus, Kakuros & Mojidokus For young and old!

31 Colors The world without colors would only be half as beautiful. Colors can also affect mood. Especially in autumn, nature surrounds us with a wonderful blaze of colors. So it is not surprising that the colors also leave their mark on our language. Add the appropriate colors that are associated with the specified terms.Photos: alphaspirit / fotolia, garycunliffe / pixabay, uroburos / pixabay Example 1) red carpet 2) thumb 3) humor 4) glasses 5) sheep 6) miracles 7) lungs 8) Friday 9) letter 10) prehistory 11) board 12) Your Eminence 13) Numbers 14) Vest Tips for optimal brain training If possible, always train at certain times and in the same place. This will automatically adjust your brain to practice and learn more easily. Try to exercise at least 10 minutes a day. Quiet "speaking in front of yourself" supports information processing and storage. Always let your brain "warm up" with simple tasks at the beginning of an exercise sequence. Alternate between different types of exercises (concentration, vocabulary, knowledge, logic, etc.). Head fit 10 /

32 Children can do this in no time at all and adults can do it occasionally: Spreading disorder. But then the time comes when tidying up is like a release. This mess continues for around 2.5 million people in this country. They are unable to part with things and become isolated from shame about them. Living in a mess Aid to clean up is not enough Messie syndrome is a pronounced inability to organize everyday life and to keep private areas clear. Those affected need help, which should not be limited to tidying up and clearing out. It is important to consider the psychological background. »The pronounced disorganization problems originate from within these people. Your thoughts revolve around coping with everyday work, a lack of decision-making ability prevents you from being able to do these things, "says Dr. Christa Roth-Sackenheim from the Professional Association of German Psychiatrists (BVDP, www. Chaos also arises because no activities are prioritized. In addition, those affected assess the value of things differently and are unable to part with things. Merely tidying up the apartment would allow the inner chaos to persist and trigger psychological crises. Photo: bramgino / fotolia 32 Kopf-fit 10/2015

33 Photo: DoraZett / Fotolia Exclusively from your pharmacy Shame leads to isolation Those who suffer from the syndrome are often socially and professionally committed to overburdening themselves in order to compensate for problems in their private lives faced their problems and shame about them. Often this leads to social isolation «, explains the psychiatrist and psychotherapist from Andernach. Fears, great tension, inner turmoil bundle into a pressure that makes you helpless. This disease occurs in all social classes, income groups and age groups. It can develop independently, but it can also accompany depression, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder or psychosis. Photo: time2org / pixabay Control yourself again If you want to change your situation, you can find your way back to self-organization step by step as part of behavior therapy and learn to be able to rely on yourself again. Tip: Mood lifters It is advisable to include family members in this process. Self-help groups also promote understanding and acceptance among those affected and their relatives and thus make it easier to deal with this disorder. Accompanying help through aromatherapy: In massage oils or as a bath additive: jasmine, muscatel sage, ylang-ylang, bergamot, neroli, rose, orange, lemon, lavender. Bach flower therapy: Gorse (gorse), Willow (yellow willow) and Sweet Chestnut (sweet chestnut). Seek advice on this in your pharmacy! Head fit 10 /

34 Memo Exercise Part 2 Fill in the gaps. 1) Lina Nurse 2) Klein 3) Bonn Florist 4) Dietmar Augsburg Exactly 10 Language is one of the most important components of communication. With an extensive vocabulary we can express ourselves selectively and understandably. Searching for specific terms is competitive sport for your word store. Find 15 words with exactly 10 letters. But without aids, please! 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) Example chocolate 34 Kopf-fit 10/2015

35 Reading backwards Train yourself to take in information quickly and bring new momentum to your reading routine. Each word in this poem (author unknown) is written backwards. Try to read as fluently as possible. As you repeat the exercise more often, you will find that your brain adjusts to the unfamiliar spelling and reading becomes easier and easier. ttalbtsbreh esiel tlläf nie ttalb mov muab therd dnu tlriuq tkcihcseg mi dniw. tgel hcis redein thcas ma nuaz tetraw trod sla dniklednif. Photos: Werner Weisser (2), Manuel Mariscal, thes Alle Pixabay. tgeil os nedlog ad mi buats ni gnutrawre fua nie dnik, sad fua `hcus hcan metnub bual se tkcedtne, hcan suah tmmintim. ethcöm miehad nnad treivresnok sed sremmos dne nednükrev dnu sla krewtsnuk treitnesärp eid tieztsbreh uen nednürgeb. "st" at the end The word autumn ends with "st". For each letter of the alphabet (without X and Y), look for a word that also ends with "st". Searching for words on a regular basis improves fluency and retrieval speed. This makes conversations more diverse and fluid. Head fit 10 /

36 e, - Exclusively from your pharmacy you will find solutions on page 47. Octopus The octopus belongs to the genus of the octopus. He is very agile and intelligent. Can you sort his 8 arms? Follow them from head to end and note down the pair of numbers and letters that belong together. ivook / fotolia Find the 8 mistakes! The picture on the left differs from the picture on the right in eight changes. Do you find the differences Dieter Hermenau / Deike 36 Head fit 10/2015

37 CHILDREN Exclusively from your pharmacy Funny license plates The license plates on the cars show, among other things, abbreviations of city names. For example, KA means Karlsruhe. Think of other fun meanings for the abbreviations. KA LG 237 D KA LG 237 BB FM 15 D BB FM 15 EF VL 2309 D EF VL 2309 GTH DN 510 D GTH DN 510 Colorful ant DL RG 56 D DL RG 56 FN LG 237 D FN LG 237 ARUM? WHY? WHY? Why is New Zealand not part of any continent? Our earth is divided into seven continents. But not all countries can be clearly assigned to one of these continents, New Zealand, for example, geographically and culturally matches several or none. The country is often added to Australia, which is only 1,600 km away; From a geographical point of view, however, the Maori country lies partly on the Australian and partly on the Pacific continental plate. Today too, Maoris like to greet their guests traditionally with dances and songs. Rolling eyes and sticking out tongue is supposed to drive away the evil spirits. Brückner / DEIKE WARU ARUM Kopf-Fit 10 /

38 Divided saying Here a quote from Goethe () on the subject of "thinking" has been divided. With concentration and logical thinking you will reach your goal and your brain will practice adapting to unfamiliar situations. Start with the fragment in bold. DasDe sers iele e wara part 38 Kopf-Fit 10/2015 chen ubta Johann Wolfgang von Goethe istz nble nken erla men llen berv ibte Photo: G.Meiners / Wikipedia. Oil painting by Joseph Karl Stieler, 1828 Turn big into small Make adjectives out of the following nouns by adding another word. Example ravens = raven black 1) house 2) point 3) miles 4) ball 5) butter 6) mirror 7) children 8) skin 9) ice 10) wind Photo: Unsplash / Pixaby

39 Halloween On Halloween, children go from house to house in disguise to solicit candy. This American custom has meanwhile also spread more and more in Germany. Which sweets ended up in the bag? Put the letters in the correct order. To make things easier, the first letters are written in red. Following lines Train yourself to concentrate on perceiving the line connections and find out which wine ends up in which glass. Incidentally, such exercises also improve spatial perception. The task is more challenging if you only follow the lines with your eyes. a b c d e Photos: stockphoto-graf / fotolia; PublicDomainPictures / pixabay 1) ZRIAKLET 2) AELRNPIN 3) UHENKC 4) LOAHCDOSKE 5) KTKEBEETRUS 6) LESTHRUC 7) MIMAKUUG 8) TEFOISKNEK head-fit 10 /

40 couples thicker than singles? A harmonious marriage is believed to have positive effects on health and lifestyle. A team of scientists from Basel, Nuremberg and Berlin has now found that couples living together may have a healthier diet than single people, but they weigh significantly more and do less sport. This affects both men and women. In their study, the scientists compared the connection between marital status and body mass index of citizens from nine European countries. This index sets a person's body weight in relation to their height. An index that is too high can be a risk factor for chronic or cardiovascular diseases. It was clearly shown that couples weigh more pounds than singles. Photo: Kletr / Fotolia Virtual twin Autism, schizophrenia and manic fears are complex to treat. The difficulty in dealing with those affected often leads them to even more isolation. In the European research project »AlterEgo«, computer scientists and medical professionals are therefore working on new teaching methods. The use of virtual reality and humanoid robots is intended to playfully train communication skills and improve them in the long term. The first step: a digital, three-dimensional image of your own self. To do this, the body must be recorded very precisely. At the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Kaiserslautern, a full-body 3D scanner was implemented that uses 44 single-lens reflex cameras to capture images from all perspectives in a fraction of a second. This creates a virtual image of the person. When playing with their "twin", the patients should first get to know themselves through playful interaction with the virtual twin, in order to later accept other people as interaction partners after gradually alienating their mirror image. Photo: DFKI 40 Kopf-Fit 10/2015

41 Book tip: Exclusively from your pharmacy Can only a young woman be beautiful? No, attractiveness shines for a lifetime if it is carried out courageously and freshly in the mind. It is important to stand by yourself without any ifs or buts. The secret of agelessness Cover: Photo: contrastwerkstatt / fotolia Who says that it is inevitable to be ill in later years, to become unattractive and to end up in the cultural seclusion? With her book »Goddesses Don't Age«, author Christiane Northrup encourages women to trust their very own intuitive (body) knowledge. Living timelessly means living courageously, according to her message, with which she introduces the readers to the secret of agelessness. Getting older pushes the neural connections in the brain, increases one's own value and competence. Perfectionism and smaller dramas sink into insignificance and no longer distract from the enjoyment of life. Get rid of prejudices and sick emotions such as grief, shame, anger and feelings of guilt. She asks to finally do everything that turns women into ageless goddesses: strengthen self-healing powers, eat optimally, enjoy leisure time in a fulfilling way, open up to the spiritual dimension. Christiane Northrup developed a 14-day program to implement the ideas of the timeless goddess, to get a new relationship with time that one no longer needs to fear. She also recommends a list of useful links. Christiane Northrup: Goddesses do not age Arkana Verlag 544 pages ISBN:, 99 (RRP) Kopf-fit 10 /

42 With fine-tuning to the network As soon as the eyes are opened for the first time after birth, nerve cells already exist in the visual center of the brain. Although they specialize in certain stimuli, they are interconnected without a system. But how do neural networks develop that react strongly to stimuli? New model helps A new computer model helps to precisely reproduce these processes. "For the first time, it has been possible to sensibly combine typical properties of biological neural networks in animals and humans in a computer simulation," says neuroscientist Dr. Sadra Sadeh from the Bernstein Center Freiburg (BCF). The networks use the principle of feedback to turn nerve cells in the visual system into efficient feature detectors (cells that respond to certain features of stimuli). In addition, the contact points between the cells and the synapses can be precisely coordinated in learning processes. Better therapies in sight The experts can now use the computer model to analyze different development processes in the visual center. Through visual experience, connections between nerve cells that respond to similar stimuli are strengthened (thick lines), while other connections are weakened (thin lines). to simulate the brain. This makes it possible, for example, to understand how connections between nerve cells change when they receive stimuli from both eyes for the first time after birth. Such processes play a role in early childhood visual disorders such as congenital strabismus. In the long term, according to the scientists, the model would make it possible to develop better treatment concepts. Scheme: Stefan Rotter / Bernstein Center Freiburg, illustration: ktsdesign / fotolia 42 Kopf-fit 10/2015

43 All gold No other month is so associated with the color GOLD as October. The onset of leaf coloration transforms the surroundings into an atmospheric landscape. Here are some of the gold-related proverbs and idioms that are sketchy. Can you see them? 1) EH ra Gold h 2) DT zud golden K b 3) E incas Gold, wgz 4) E wad Gold glg 5) H dw h golden B d 6) R di S b, S hgi Gold 7) M st h Gold i M 8) D goldene M tw Background: geralt / pixabay Unusual spelling Try to read Victor Auburtin's aphorism () as fluently as possible despite the unusual appearance. FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PERIOD OF OPERATION. 43

44 Wrong letters Often repeated things are particularly well memorized by our brain. As a result, words are deeply anchored in our knowledge network. That is why a misspelled word usually catches our eye immediately. Practice your reading / writing skills by correcting the 12 terms. All of them have a connection to autumn. The number in parentheses after each word indicates whether there are one or two errors. 1) Sense bleeding (2) 2) Octabertest (2) 3) Krachenschnur (1) 4) Nebenband (2) 5) Weitlese (1) 6) Lautsaufer (2) 7) Weitumstallung (2) 8) Altleibersummer (2) 9) Stamp field (2) 10) Fartenprecht (2) 11) Harvest squabbles (1) 12) Lurking talk (2) Looking for numbers Logical conclusions put you on the right track in this task. Which number replaces the question mark? ? Photos: Smileus / Fotolia, fotogestoeber / fotolia 44 Kopf-fit 10/2015

October 45, Day of German Unity 1) Willy Brandt, 2) Berlin TV Tower, 3) Helmut Schmidt, 4) Franz Josef Strauss, 5) Heinz Rühmann, 6) Las Vegas page 24: Mistake devil in autumn The beautiful summer passed away, the autumn , the rich one, moved into the country. Now all the good spiders weave many fine festive garments. They weave for the day's celebration With an artfully practiced hind leg Very dearest elven veil As decoration for meadow, hallway and grove. Yes, a thousand silver threads give the wind easy play, They gently pull along and float to the unconsciously determined destination. They move into the wonderland, where love is shy in the beginning, and a delicate ribbon gently links the shepherd with the shepherdess. Page 25: Optimism An optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty; a pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity. Page 25: Count 7 The »7« comes up 20 times Page 26: For word search puzzle, see bottom of page 46 Page 26: Beginning and end 1) SUN, SOUP, CREAM, SOAP; 2) VIENNA, WAHN, WINE, WHEN; 3) BRIDE, LEAF, Beast, BOARD; 4) RABBIT, TROUSERS, HUGE, HUFS head-fit 10 /

46 Page 27: Word rings 1) Pumpkin and leaf fall, 2) Chestnuts and fog Page 27: Raking cluster, see bottom center Page 28: Picture puzzle Solution: Appointment calendar Page 28: Weekday sought Solution: The day before tomorrow is today, i.e. Tuesday. The day after is Wednesday. Three days before Wednesday is Sunday. So my birthday was on Sunday. Lies down gently at the fence waiting there as a foundling. Lies so golden in the dust in anticipation of a child who, in search of colored leaves, discovers them and takes them home. I would like to announce the end of the summer at home and present the autumn time anew as a work of art. Page 35: »st« at the end Possible solution: fear, beast, Christian, thirst, serious, feast, guest, stallion, fervor, hunting, art, burden, manure, nest, organist, palace, quality-conscious, rest, sweet juice, test , free, merit, sausage, X, Y, Zeitgeist page 26, word search puzzle and page 27, computing cluster LEOKASKAUESTSBLIOTNBB ALTWEIBERSOMMERNE Ü RIWKFEDRACHENENBUCHEC KERNSSTURMTERNTEDANK Kopf-fit 10/2015