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Billy Bates (also known as Patient 9 in the sanatorium's records) was a member of a miners' group that worked in the North West Mines in late 1951. Billy Bates is a patient at Blackwood Sanatorium during the events of The Inpatient. He is played by actor Matthew Gallenstein.

Appearance [edit | Edit source]

Billy had a scar on his head that Mike identified him with.

Biography Edit source]

Previous life Edit source]

Billy was married to a woman named Agnes and had a young daughter, Louise, but he appears to have had an affair with a woman named Loretta, as revealed on the Romantic Postcard.

Until Dawn The Inpatient Edit source]

Billy was one of the miners trapped for 23 days after part of the mine collapsed on December 13, 1951. He and the eleven other miners survived by committing cannibalism. They were finally rescued on January 5, 1952. After their rescue, Bates and the others were dubbed "The Miracle Men" in the press and were cared for with the other survivors at Blackwood Sanatorium, where they were examined for unusual physical changes that occurred during their recovery. The miners eventually turned violent and on February 24, 1952, after hitting some employees, including Dr. W.B., attacked and killed. Cathcart, Adam White, Charles Miller, and Evelyn Daniels escaped and were never seen again.

Until Dawn [edit | Edit source]

During his investigation into Chapter 9 at the sanatorium, Mike found an old case study documenting Billy Bates' physical changes. Mike noticed that Bates had a scar. He later saw the same scar on one of the wendigos and suspected that Bates and the other miners were becoming wendigos.

Death [edit | Edit source]

Billy chases Mike all the way to the entrance of the sanatorium, where Mike can shoot a keg of gasoline and blow up the sanatorium in the process.

  • If Mike blows up the sanatorium, Billy, badly burned but still alive, will climb out of the rubble and will blow him into the mines and attack him. Sam will notice and run to Billy to behead him.
  • If Mike shot Billy instead, Sam ventures into the sanatorium and finds Billy attacking Mike. She'll hit him with either a pipe or a shovel, giving Mike enough time to blow up the sanatorium and kill Billy.